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  • Gah! I want to do some writing but my next-door neighbor has been playing his radio outside loudly all day, and it's country music, my second least favorite genre of music, thus preventing me from concentrating. I tried to write but the music is too distracting and prevents me from being able to focus. As a result I've been unable to get any work done thanks to the obnoxious level of noise.

    Note that I don't need "total" silence to write, as I can write when things like my bird is squawking and/or AC are running. But I can't write when music specifically is being played because it keeps me from being able to focus. Especially country and rap music, which completely breaks my concentration and makes it impossible to sit down and write.
    Well, my pet green-cheeked conure, Zephyr, took a bath in his water dish. Again. Why does he do that? Does he like baths? Or does he just like the Fiji bottled water I put in his water dish that much? :unsure::hmm: Considering I spritz him with a plant spritzer I wonder why he keeps taking baths in his water dish? And I just changed that water this morning, too... What a character he is. :rolleyes:
    Well, I got my car back today. And it gives me yet another reason to hate the mechanic dad likes. As fate would have it, it was only minor repairs needed: a new radiator cap and a cracked pipe, which is why I heard a hissing noise and smoke was coming out of it: because the fluids leaking out of those parts hit the hot engine and produced smoke/steam. So not only was it an easy fix but cheap, too. But here's the thing... the mechanic dad likes "repaired" those parts last time. In other words: dad's "favorite" mechanic did a half-assed job by putting on the wrong sized radiator cap and "fixed" the leak by merely patching it with what was largely a temporary fix! This guy replaced both the pipe and got a radiator cap that fits perfectly so it shouldn't be an issue anymore. But chalk up another strike against dad's "favorite" mechanic as he, once again, screwed up with his shoddy work. I even lost a few nights worth of sleep because I was worried about how bad it was. Ugh... I hate that mechanic, yet I doubt dad learned anything from this. At least I got my wheels back and it was only minor, but damn, I nearly had a heart attack when I heard that hissing noise and saw smoke coming out of the car.
    Well... I might be in some trouble.

    My bird, Zephyr, has figured out how to unlock his cage door. Considering he's only 3 months old and already figured that out is both surprising and a bit concerning. Now I gotta keep an eye on him more so he doesn't unlock his cage whenever he feels like it, lest he ends up under the couch and I have to play Tom and Jerry with him again. Oi...
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    Would getting a new bird cage help? Or do they all have the same lock on them?
    Because he's a green-cheeked conure we need a certain type and size of cage for him. And all of them have the same type of lock on them. So that pretty much eliminates that option.
    Well... my morning was eventful.

    I was giving Zephyr a treat (I always give my pet birds a treat on Saturdays) but he got out of the cage in the process. Then I spent the next 15 minutes playing a game of cat-and-mouse with him as he kept ducking underneath my couch, forcing me to lift it up and try to catch him. And in the process I crashed in to/knocked over several items in the living room. But, eventually, I managed to catch him and put him back in the cage. He's taking a nap now and I'm exhausted while I'm cooking lunch (homemade pizza bagels). Oi...

    Oh, and I skinned my left wrist in the process. What a morning. :rolleyes: :bulbaFacepalm:
    Today I got my new bird buddy. My folks and I went out at 9 AM to pick up my new feathery friend. His/Her name is Zephyr after the Greek god of the west wind, and a fairly gender neutral name. This is because the breeder didn't do the blood test needed to determine Zeph's gender yet, which we plan to do ourselves later on. I wish I could give you all a picture of the little guy/girl but he/she is a bit scared right now so I don't want to make him/her more upset (especially after the ruckus he/she caused when I tried getting him/her out of the carrier and into the cage). But little Zephyr had come home and I now have my new companion. Happy days! Hopefully I'll be able to get a decent picture of Zeph when he/she gets more settled to show you all.
    Just got my first package of new items for the new bird, including a special carrier that we plan to use when transporting the baby bird home for the first time (and, obviously, any time we need to transport him/her to the vet). Considering it's a Sunday I'm surprised any packages were delivered. :confused: Still waiting for the other order but since I still have at least a week before the baby conures are ready I have a bit of time to work with. Still need the cage itself, though, but first I need to get the right dimensions and see if it'll fit on the same table we put Zeru's cage on. Might end up getting the cage when we get the bird itself since the breeder would know what size is correct/necessary for a green-cheeked conure. Just giving you all the latest update.
    Just a small update on my pet search in case anyone is wondering how that's going. I've settled for a green-cheeked conure, as they fit my lifestyle better and are good apartment birds. We've contacted a breeder who said they'll have some weened baby green-cheeked conures within the next week or so, sometime after my birthday. As such, we are making the necessary preparations for the new member of the family, like buying toys, perches, cuttlebones, etc. I'm still thinking of possible names, depending on what gender I get/are available (I'm leaning toward a male since they're said to be a bit calmer than females, and to avoid any possible egg-laying mishaps, but I don't know what my options are yet so we'll see when we get there). Here's hoping I get my new little bird buddy soon. I'll keep everyone posted on any updates.
    Happy Valentine's Day. And today's my parents' 48th anniversary (yes, they got married on Valentine's Day, though not for the reason you think). Got some nice things planned for their anniversary, lots of goodies and a nice dinner. Anyway, hope everyone has a nice day.
    So I got my pet bird's remains yesterday after his cremation. They did a good job. Very dignified and with a ton of respect. And I gave the vet and his staff a small gift for what they did for Zeru all these years. I still miss the kooky ball of fluff, as my apartment feels so quiet and empty without him, but at least his memory will live on.
    My poor pet cockatiel is sick and I have to take him to the vet. It took a bit of work but I've got an appointment for him for today, though I needed my folks' help as I can't drive to the vet myself with my dying car, as that's way too far for it. But I hope my little poof goof will be okay. Wish him luck.
    So, today, the new bird cage my mom and I ordered came for my pet cockatiel, Zeru. He's had his old cage since he was a baby (about 2 months old) and he's 15 now, so it was time to get him a new one. I just finished putting it together (taking small breaks to drink my smoothie in between) and put in all his toys, mineral blocks, perches, and whatnot into it. He's now exploring the inside of it and checking out everything. I think he likes it well enough. It's much wider than his old cage but it gives him more room to play and roam. I hope he gets used to it and likes it, since it was very difficult to find this cage (and for a good price, too). Here's hoping he likes it.
    Well, I've got good news and terrible news regarding my car. The good news is that it's been fixed. The radiator has been replaced, the heater is (finally) working properly, and the break light has been replaced. All at the oh-so-affordable price of $750. The terrible news is... the car is dying. The mechanic confirmed something that I've been dreading for years now. The car is dying, and no amount of Power Rings, Wumpa Fruit, or Gold Peaches can save it. It won't be worth trying to salvage it with more repairs because it's simply dying. It's time to start looking and investing in a new car. ...We've had that car for 22 years now as of this month. That's longer than most newer cars last nowadays. But it's effectively on borrowed time now and runs a risk of breaking down randomly. So, as a result, it's time to start looking for a new car since, in the long-run, it'll be cheaper to get a new ride than to keep repairing the rust bucket. It's had quite the run, to put it mildly, having survived a hell of a lot of punishment, and it's our longest-lasting car to date. But now it's time to do what I've been dreading for some time now.
    Well, I've got good news and bad news about my car. The good news is that my car can be fixed so the problem isn't game-breaking. The bad news is that it'll cost $600 or so, for parts and labor, to get the hole in the radiator fixed and I won't have it back until Monday at the earliest. So I'm pretty much trapped in my apartment for the next few days (and there's a snowstorm coming my way to further complicate things). Well... not much I can do about it but go through with it. Hello expensive car repair bill.
    I just get back from doing a ton of errands and helping my mom and when I parked my car at my apartment I noticed steam/smoke coming out of the hood. A lot of it. Great. Just great. Just what I needed to start the year off. This doesn't bode well. I hope it's just the radiator acting up again (the car is 22 years old now, after all) because I DO NOT need an expensive car repair bill right now. :bulbaFacepalm:
    Since I'm not going to be around tomorrow because I'll be spending most of the day with my folks I'll put this out now.

    Happy Holidays! May your holiday be blessed with food, fun, and family. Cheers to all.
    Baked a new recipe for Christmas dinner today: a Christmas donut cake. Basically it's like a bunt cake but more dense like a donut. It's chillin' in the fridge right now before I move on to adding the icing and sprinkles. I hope it turns out okay, as this was a first for me, especially since I was unable to get my usual ingredients for my more traditional Christmas dessert: vanilla bean cheesecake. And tomorrow I have to make cheesecake pudding to go with it. Busy, busy, busy.
    Just tried out some special homemade eggnog from a local small business in town. Normally I'm so-so with eggnog, depending on the flavor, but I decided to give it a try. Especially since that place has good food. And it's that time of the year, after all. Plus I like to support local businesses. It's really good, even if it's just plain vanilla. And it comes in a really cute decorative old-fashioned jar that you'd put homemade jellies and such in. Might get another one for my parents, especially since mom would love the jar (she loves stuff like that). But wow, wasn't expecting much but it turned out to be really tasty. Might get a few more for Christmas dinner before they sell out.
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