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  • Due to there being two fanclubs for fighting games, they will be merged into Fighters Heaven.


    The Bulbagarden Staff
    I do believe his long isolation has somehow driven him even further into mental instability. I propose that by the end of the year he will be a balding, obese version of the Joker.
    Wrist, wrist, Nintendo wrist, wrist, Nintendo wrist, wrist, wrist, Nintendo-do wrist, wrist, Nintendo wrist, wrist, wrist, Nintendo wrist, wrist, wristwatches! Wristwatches!
    "including my- including my girlfriend whose name I will not be re- revealing at this time...yeah."

    This is the first part of the Chris-chan saga that I've been around for, so I'm an eager spectator.
    It's just rather scary how similar Chris and I are. If circumstances in my life had been different, I could have ended up just like him.
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