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  • Pardon me for asking, but what was your old username?
    It's been a while, but it used to be Full Metal Jacket, and Comrade Zhenya a bit before that.
    Ah I remember you under the former. Nice to see you again!
    It supposedly makes the Pokemon friendlier - and I like the design of the Luxury Ball.
    Dialga can be caught in OR/AS - after the main game, it was annoying finding and catching Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit (Mesprit appears from 4:00am - 7:59pm, Uxie from 8:00pm - 8:59pm, and Azelf 9:00pm - 3:59am) - all 3 need to be in the team. Dialga appears only in Alpha Sapphire.

    It took me 49 Luxury Balls to catch it.
    I usually go to the main FIFA site first, then CONCACAF website (for North America), then Wiki.

    It's the same Mega Evolved Altaria, only in OR/AS.
    If you try to battle anyone with an XY game, it won't let Altaria Mega Evolve, or any of the newer instroduced moves

    Latest by Monday, hope by then I get it started.
    Still waiting to see if two more respond. For now it's looking like quite and interesting team
    Mightyena, Gardevoir, Dialga, Krookodile, shiny Umbreon, Altria
    I know I don't like legendary much, did promised I would use BulbaMember's favorite Pokemon
    I think it was revealed recently.
    It does say BMO Field, Toronto, at 19:37 hours (your time)
    the same rival as last time. Dominica
    The two goals where by Cyle Larin and Russell Teibert for Canada

    Sadly doesn't work for X or Y.
    Altaria can Mega Evolve but only in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
    It was introduced in the remakes
    Altarianite is received in Liliycove City.

    BulbaFriends V2, I'm finally ready to start breeding - have at least 6 Pokemon ready.
    2-0, that time Canada was the visiting side! June 16 is the second game - they will play in BMO Field in Toronto.
    I'm predicting that Canada will easily win, 5-1 - with the home crowd advantage.

    To me gender is only important for the nickname purpose
    I'd be kind of embarrassed to give a male Pokemon a female-style nickname.

    Altaria I never used before in a team - now that it can Mega Evolve, it will be the Mega of the Team.
    It will be fun for me
    I'll keep the rest in spoiler so VM doesn't appear too long

    almost forgetting to say thanks!!
    Woman didn't win - but did end in a goalless draw.

    just a quick question of what I plan on doing - in spoiler
    Canadian men won today, 2-0 against Dominica - so far women been lucky.
    they are good against some teams, but weaker to others
    (just like my two 'home countries' USA & Mexico)
    they aren't terrible at every sport.
    I understand that - heard about Montreal, and Vancouver was on the news a lot.

    just curious (mainly since I don't remember), which team? correction - I figured it out!
    Canadians will encounter New Zealand
    USA women will encounter Australia
    That's true.
    Women doing better than Man
    Hope Canada (Men's team) get's World Cup in 2026
    (I keep reading that they will enter bid)
    not a problem

    Men' has not qualified since 1986 (so far, their only time)
    Sounds interesting, hope you do good.

    I know that about Men's team.
    Women seem to be doing better.
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