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  • I can be harsh at times, so that for that I'm sorry. But try to look at this from my perspective; in the last E-mail you sent me you asked for my input on a pretty elaborate time loop theory, and then after I explained my own theory you didn't say anything for months, making me feel as though I'd wasted my time. That is not okay in my book, especially as you never said that the discussions were getting to be too much for whatever reason. I found the timing odd because there was still a lot to be discussed about the Chieko discovery, and there were other things, as well.

    It's now impossible to pin the release right down to the month. I thought that the sequels would be released in March, and when that didn't happen I assumed September would be the case again. A three-month difference is pretty insignificant, anyway. I am far more curious to know when the announcement will be made; the Meloetta short is a possibility for a surprise debut.

    You don't have any expectations from B2W2? I give this generation credit for being more interesting than the previous two. For the first time in ten years, I am interested in games that are not remakes and probably won't disappoint me as much as HGSS did. I do think the sequels may break the Gym formula even further than Black and White did (see here why that could happen), and the story has potential even if it is nowhere near as interesting as a certain other concept. These games are important because they will show us where Game Freak is headed with the focus on story.
    I want to be on speaking terms with you, but I'm still offended that it took this kind of news to get you to say anything; my last E-mail was just a dramatic way of telling you that I had had enough waiting for a reply. An explanation would be appreciated.

    Indeed, I don't see how it is even possible to extend this generation beyond 2013; the 3DS is begging to be used and remakes are not the answer. But for now the sequels alone should give us enough to discuss.
    I expect that the hidden abilities will become just as accessible as the normal abilities are. But I'd think that the Global Link site would be continued much like the GTS; the viability of a feature akin to the Dream World would depend on the length of the generation and how many games it would have. The main versions probably won't accommodate 750+ Pokémon, so that needs to be taken into consideration.

    What do you think the new variations will be? And which Sinnoh and Unova Pokémon do you think would benefit from new evolutions? I'm aware that base stats are just one factor.
    Here's my revised list of Pokémon that should evolve in Generation VI; 25 is a reasonable number.

    Without pre-evolutions and alternate evolutions, and with only around six legendaries, there would be about 80 Pokémon from brand new families. Generation II had 75 and Generation IV only had 64.

    The biggest feat would be for Game Freak not to overdo the number of legendaries; I'm in favor of dropping the legendary trio concept altogether. Unfortunately, there are as many as three trios in Generation V...
    I didn't mean for you to read all of it. When I sent you the PM there was a lot less to read.
    I'm not sure what they will do. IMO they will go for making the gen 6 titles and build them on top of B&W like how the 2nd gen games were to the 1st. Or who knows, if there is a 3rd game then it could be the foundation for what they will change or bring with the gen 6 titles.

    Personally I don't think they want to make their first official step forward on the 3DS with the mainline games a 3rd version of a DS game with just a few bells added on. And from what I see companies can't make DS titles with 3DS enhancements (such as 3D images) so I don't think its can be like with Crystal and play both sides of the fence. W/E they do next is going to have to be either a 3DS title or a DS title.

    I also don't think that they are going to make that first step a remake of RS either. I think we could be getting a gen 6 within 2 -3 years in the 3DS's life span. That seems like a trend with the series, to have the first mainline title for that system out withing 2 years of the new system's life.
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