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  • Hey!! I am also not on here a great deal these days, just log in occasionally to feel the familiarity and then close the tab lol.

    It's been a rollercoaster since M was born haha. To the outside world there's nothing remarkable but for V and I it's like BAM, life explosion! Now that we're getting more sleep though it is a little less overwhelming :hmm::wynaut::bulbaLol:

    I haven't touched the anime with a barge pole since March. I'm not sure I will...

    Oh gosh that sounds... I'm not sure? Good? Bad? Slightly suboptimal? The inevitable outcome for one who fears change? :p
    Happy Easter!

    Well we are now proud parents to Baby M who managed to arrive the day before Satoshi’s last episode lol. I think the timing is perfect tbh because I actually couldn’t care less at this point about the end of the anime as I knew it, which I don’t think would have been the outcome in any other circumstances :p

    Interesting that the newest games are really good story-wise! About time I suppose because I feel people have been complaining about the stories since BW?

    Ah yeah fair enough, I guess for V it’s the other way around haha. What happened with your job sitch in the end, because you’ve finished at the old one now right? And how are things otherwise?
    Aww thanks, let’s see if he does :p

    Yeah I was definitely NOT expecting a full and final ending to Satoshi’s story! And as you say it’s a shame that it’s happening at a time when the anime has frankly sucked. Anyway, let’s see if Tomioka and .co can make the last few episodes any good…

    Oh wow!!! I can’t believe you’ve done it! But I am so happy for you - you’ve been complaining about this job for soooo many years now, good for you! I hope your latest interview proves fruitful but whatever happens I’m confident something will work out, and it’ll be better than this!! Tbf V’s new job is more time consuming (it’s some coding/AI thing) but he loves it and is happy which he wasn’t in the last.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you to! 2023 is gonna be your year, I’m sure of it!
    I’m having my very own jari boy!! He was sucking his thumb and being very cute in the scan lol. I still feel physically mauled but I’m trying to see it as my body doing what it needs to do and I just have to roll with it…

    Did you enjoy Satoshi’s big moment? :p It does kind of feel end of an era for me with the franchise, I think because of where I am in a big life transition too. Obviously never say never - if we get a new series with life rebreathed into the Rockets I might be back like a boomerang… we’ll see.

    Oh good luck with your interview! Lemme know how it goes. V took a step sideways into his new job - would have made more money staying in accounting - but is infinitely more fulfilled. Money isn’t everything if the job is less soul destroying? But you’ve gotta take a call if you get the job I guess!!

    Maybe I’ll hear all about it when you come back at Christmas :ROFLMAO:
    You’re right each week seems to pass a little quicker, I’m so excited though I just want to meet the little dinosaur already! We’ll find out a few weeks from now if it’s a girl or boy which is very exciting.

    Lol, I don’t know if it’s a sign that I’m at the end of my tenure with the franchise… Kind of feels like it because not only have I barely played that game, I have also not watched the anime essentially for 2 years…

    Yeah I get that. I too have occasionally fantasised about it but tbh it’s the family ties here which mean I could never go (at least not for longer than a short secondment). I’ll keep everything crossed for you to get a great opportunity at home.

    What’s really good is that I got a random email this week telling me how inconvenient the timing of my maternity leave would be and that meaning they would have to move me back to my old job at 8 months pregnant (haha) so I will be escaping sooner than I could have hoped! Much of it will be peanuts/unpaid but I’m planning to take a whole year maternity leave - we have been saving to make it feasible. Cannot wait.

    Well, this has been fun. Speak to you in December :ROFLMAO: Hope it hurries along.
    Well with the UK’s newest financial clusterfuck we might now be out of the game with the house, as our buyer’s mortgage application got declined. We’re giving it another month and then declaring ourselves out, so we can concentrate on doing some fixing in readiness for the baby :p Gotta believe everything happens for a reason right?

    Also thank you! And haha probably true cuz I am yet to reach the second gym lmao… Eterna forest? What’s dat lol?

    Ugh I’m sorry that sucks balls. I can’t understand why it should be like that but I’m sorry you’re stuck for now despite your best efforts to move on! Would you consider a move abroad? It would be a huge step (I’d never do myself lol so even mentioning it makes me a hypocrite) but if the job and the money is really getting you down, a change of scene would almost certainly progress your career.

    New job is toxic but I’m psychologically checked out. Have been really sick .etc as well and forced them to reduce my hours, take me off nights .etc which helps me feel like I don’t really belong in that toxic culture. Only sad thing is I’ll have to come back here (and probably for another full year if I go less than full time) post maternity leave.

    God speed for your next holiday to come, on the bright side it’s nearly Christmas?…
    Here’s hoping eh? The main thing is that things are finally moving again with our sale/purchase. We ditched the previous buyer (who was uncontactable/not doing anything) for a motivated single woman - the best possible candidate haha. She has achieved in 2 weeks what took the other guy 4 months to do! Also, after shedding all the tears over our previous purchase falling through, we have found a much better house which we can now afford (cuz V is moving to a better job) and are pushing through, so fingers crossed we get there before the fridge fully dies and/or our family unit starts it’s expansion………

    The thing is though, you must be a very hireable employee given your qualifications, experience and the current job market? (Although maybe the market is v different in Barbados rn…) I get being picky and you absolutely shouldn’t sell yourself short, but I honestly think if you look with serious intent you’ll be able to move very quickly and to a good tune salary-wise. (Well, obviously I don’t know anything about non-doctor jobs really but V is also a chartered accountant and with an up-to-date LinkedIn he seems to get good opportunities not infrequently. He’s also very picky.) Meanwhile, enjoy the torture until September :p

    Oh pre-historic era and sparkles, I might go in for that actually! Btw I’ve been having online induction these last few days for my new job and using the opportunity to play Pt. I now have a gym badge! Please bow down to my success.
    I’m sorry to say that my fridge is on the brink of death so we’re lucky if it keeps our groceries adequately cool… We’re in an annoying situation right now where lots of things in the flat are falling to pieces but we’re in the process of selling so don’t wanna pay to repair the stuff that’s breaking… Only issue being that it’s now 7 months into the process of selling and it feels like we’re no closer to actually moving! At least the worst of the heat is over now.

    Oh dear September sounds rather far away doesn’t it… I wonder whether you’re half serious or half joking about your job… Have you cast around for anything more preferable? Or are you secretly a glutton for the punishment this job doles out to you? :p

    Btw what’s happening with Gen IX? I literally am not even following lol.
    Happy summer!! :cool:

    We’re having a heatwave in the UK right now - 40 degrees may be normal anywhere else but here everything is on fire literally and metaphorically lol. Each machine in the hospital is breaking one by one, just hoping enough break that I get sent home :ROFLMAO:

    Look I haven’t encountered enough variety of Pokemon for a type diversified team! Let’s not talk about my progress. Satoshi’s always been ahead of me tbf…

    How are things with you?
    Sounds like Groudon's awake again
    Where's Kyogre when you need him?
    Thanks for the wishes! No further illnesses for now thank heavens. Happy Easter to you too! :bulbagarden: <— pretend this is an egg. I hope your April passes quickly, tax year end or something innit?

    Yeah we’ll say it’s that shall we ;) Oh good, well done. (Dammit.) The less said about my Pt progress for now the better…

    Also what’s wrong with 2 grass types?! I had to fill my 6th slot with something and already had 2 Bidoofs ok?!
    Yeah better thanks haha. Although I now have a different viral illness… thanks to sticking tongue depressors into sick children’s mouths and making them cough all over me I guess. So fed up of being ill already haha. Don’t feel I can take any more sick leave post covid either… Ugh.

    Hahahaha am I psychic or are you just that easy to read? :ROFLMAO: Glad you’re enjoying it though! I never understood what people were bitching about anyway, to my eyes it always looked amazing so I’m glad the gameplay is living up to it.

    And yes I have logged a couple of hours of platinum since we last spoke. I now have a Budew.
    Maybe we are still in 2020 as you said? Since... I have covid again LOL. This time it has caused me to break out into an itchy rash all over my body and for my face to swell like a balloon! Serves me right for going on holiday I suppose lol? :p:cry:

    Your last message isn't clear but I feel like you may have just gone 'f it' and bought Legends based on the end...

    I think short seasons do make an enormous difference. I feel like a 6-episode long season can just be so much tighter in its delivery than if it needs to stretch over 26 episodes. Truthfully I never make it past 3 seasons of any US show for this reason. Overly long and ultimately not worth it because the quality is so thinly spread across it. Let me know if you like The Office - it's very polarising people either love it or (generally Americans in this camp) hate it.

    Oh dear that sounds like my idea of hell too. I'm also in a similar transitory period of taking on more of a managerial role (not yet as bad as yours but steadily progressing towards it) and I hate it. Wish I could just be left to see my own patients like before lmao. All that self-congratulatory shit drives me up the wall too. I wonder if those magical government jobs are real since I too would be up for one...
    Ugh I hate you for being right. I just went on holiday and took my 2DS with me thinking 'Imma play on the plane!' In the end? Literally nothing. I dunno, for some reason I just can't be arsed...

    Ditto I have not been keeping up with Arceus news. All I know is my best friend from uni texted to say it is apparently really good (although he is yet to actually get hold of it himself...) Lemme know how it is once you eventually cave in and buy it :p

    The UK Office is only 12 or 14 episodes total and is really hilarious (in a completely different way from the US Office). I also found the first 2-3 series of the US Office funny but beyond that it was a disastrous mix of boring and cringeworthy and completely unbelievable so gave up. Oh dear, sorry your new role hasn't inspired you to greatness yet. What's the change for you from the old role?

    It's ok I've been in a constant state of panic also, in a continuation of life as normal. Ah well.
    Tbf London is much less dreary these days probably thanks to global warming… (Although I agree a warm cup of tea with a chocolate biscuit in front of the fire whilst it’s pissing it down outside is quite cosy and very British.)

    Thank you haha. Though actually after writing to you last I have managed to get as far as Jubilife City with my Turtwig, a Starly, Shinx and 2 Bidoofs in tow… I may yet whoop Cynthia’s ass before Legends!

    I’m not sure whether to congratulate you on your new role (which clearly means you’re doing something right in the current role!) but I’m glad you at least have a week off haha :p Have you ever watched The Office? Your job saga reminds me of Tim/Jim a little…

    Ditto Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy your break, stop worrying (I know you are right now!!!) and continue the food coma!
    Yes OMG, why are people like that huh?! Just let me chill in the comfort of my own apartment... Something tells me "travelling alone" would mean you just say sat on the sofa though pal :p When you make it to London I will give you a grand tour of the grey suburbs I call home - will be a unique tourist experience, trust me.

    Life is good otherwise. I finally feel settled into both my new scary job and into my new scary marriage, and now just able to relax and enjoy life a bit! Of course that does mean that I haven't even been allowed to own Pokeballs yet in Pt... But that's a problem for another day... I am so zen that I don't even mind the inevitable rinsing I'll get from you for my lack of progress...

    How bout you buddy? How are things?
    Those are some big dreams you have there buddy… I hope you at least manage to do some island hopping in the next year or so. Come say hi on your Europe trip! Tbf New York is super cool, would highly recommend for your skyscraper experience, maybe in winter to tick snow off as well?! Commiserations that your holiday is ending…

    I have a confession to make which is that I actually dread holidays (even though they generally end up being enjoyable), so I don’t have a wish list… I just get dragged places by other people. But you’re right, if I have to leave home, lounging on a beach is my idea of heaven.

    Tbf gloating over you IS payback enough! Must hustle…
    You’re right - I got a £180 refund which is pretty sweet :cool: Today I have to sort out some dumbass buildings regulations problem I inherited with the flat though UUGH.

    What’s on your travel wish list before this passport expires?

    We will see ok? What do I win if I have completed before Legends comes out
    Yeah fingers crossed for you bud that you get good uptake over there (eventually)…

    I have a lot of admin to sort out that I’ve been neglecting (V has been nagging me about my income tax sitch for months lol) which I feel quite depressed about having to tackle LOL. But we are going away this weekend with some of my school friends so hopefully that’ll make up for it.

    Oi! I might blast through the game once I get a chance to sit down and play it!!
    No no, wishing me to be in A&E is just fine :p If not there then I need to be in bed/on the beach .etc. I’m gonna be there forevermore now as I’m done with other specialty rotations, woohoo!

    Ah right yeah I get you. It’s the same here tbh, loads of people were hesitant when it was only AZ on offer. But I think it’s cuz people don’t realise genuinely how much better it is to have any jab over actually getting covid as an unvaccinated person?!

    Ah enjoy your time, your plans sound quite wonderful actually. I wish it feels like it lasts long and you exit it refreshed… I too have 7 days off from tomorrow and I am desperate for it to start ASAP LOL.

    I’ve finally started Pt btw! I picked Turtwig :bulbaLove: So far I have not left Twinleaf Town lolol. But it’s so nostalgic to hear DP anime music in the game. I also really hope Legends can live up to the name!
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