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  • Hey, no worries. I'll take any egg move pokemon, but I am actively trying to acquire EV enhancing items (power weight, power bracer etc...) If you have one of those that you could trade I would be really appreciative. Let me know!
    Hey this might take a little longer than I thought--forgot I had to evolve magby before I breed it. I'll get it to you, though.
    Give me 30 minutes and I'll breed you one--I need the one that I have for it's flame body ability.
    Porygon is tough for me, especially in gen IV, but if you're willing to do gen V I can get you a large number of breedable pokemon. The nature etc of the skorupi isn't that important since I plan to breed it for IVs. Let me know when you're usually on!
    haha you can do it :p && ya monday i shld be back @ my dads & my heart gold is there so ima double check for some of the pokes u need. sure ill have some of them xD
    you sure bro? i honestly feel bad cuz u needed them in gen iv. but its up to you i dont wanna waste your time :] i cld always find another person if u dont have the time :]
    nvm bro you cant trade fomr gen V to IV.. ._. i feel like an idiot for not seeing that D: lmao so srry for getting you all hyped & wat not v.v
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