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  • I have bad news...

    I got a PM from the staff that directly implies bulbagarden's staff is thinking about putting me on the ban list. I'm sorry if we can't talk to each other again.
    Feel free to stick Falchion with whoever you darn well feel like. It's not like he even has a preference. Plus, depending on the person, it would definitely make for some very interesting contrasts.
    Just a heads up, my character is interacting with yours. I'm really sorry if I'm bothering you, but I think I'm probably going to be asleep by the time you're online again, and I'm worried that my post will be buried under others, as they tend to do in very popular academy RPG's. ;)

    But again, I apologize if I seem annoying or something. As you can probably tell from my post in the Sign-Up and this message, I'm a very impatient person. ^^;;;
    Oh, good luck with that. Falchion, as I stated in his sign-up, is very, VERY adamant about the notion of partnering. Plus, Devon would have to tolerate a lot more than he already is right now.

    Possible? Yes.

    Difficult? Definitely.
    try to think outside of camp. obviously in the last RP you and your characters were new so they were treated as such now with what is going on you are free to wander. also try to find some special things your character can do that would make him be an important asset. Ellie is an expert healer (ironic she's sick), Jericho is the eldest Hades child and the strongest of the underworlder's children thanks to his curse and his long time training, heck even Max has some good points(hes a character we can kill off without any regrets lol jk) seriously though Max can be worth while now and again. a big thing for the demigods is their past and special events from it make up some more of Devon's history and then bring that to the present in a new way.
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