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  • Good luck in the finals and I finished my final in last Wednesday so good luck you too my friend
    glad to hear thaat you are fine but I feel bad for you because you are so buy with your finals
    DJ iOmega
    DJ iOmega
    I just finished most of my classes. I just need one more exam and then I'll be done. happy birthday btw.
    Hope yo will do well and then a nice holiday nd thanks for hoping my to have a happy birthday
    I will spend my time talking with you that my party in the birthday - thanks for this beautiful words
    How are you my first friend to me here?
    DJ iOmega
    DJ iOmega
    I'm good. I haven't had much time to myself lately because it's Finals week so I've been cramming but it'll all be over soon and I can enjoy my vacation
    It's been a long time my first friend in this forum
    Next Thursday is my birthday; because I was born in 19 of May, and next Thursday is 19 of May
    Iron Banner

    Try going a few rounds in this^and you'll get 300+ light items
    Good luck , so you arebeating my by 2 levels if you goes to year number 4 in the bachelor
    good luck
    glad to hear ^^
    glad to talk with you again
    me fine and you
    DJ iOmega
    DJ iOmega
    I'm also doing fine. Going to college. trying to get my degree, maybe transfer to a 4 year university. you know. the usual... lol
    I may drop Railgun. I don't really like it and it has gotten to the point to where i can hardly stand it. One reason is the essence of Kuroko Shirai. She has an obnoxious voice, horrible personality, couldn't even stand the few scenes of her in Index. I don't really like the characters in this one as they are sorta unlikeable. The only character i do like is Saten-san(she reminds me a bit of myself sometimes). I did like Misaka Mikoto in Index but her character seems different in Railgun. Uiharu just feels like a lazy character compared to the others and kind of feels flat to me. (I have seen 8 episodes of Railgun.) I have heard it gets more serious later on but it just doesn't suit my taste. I know people didn't like Touma but I personally find him more likeable. Also Saten-san reminds me of Himegami a bit as they look similar and have the same hairstyle.

    ((Sorry for the rant-like VM))
    It is fine lol. On anime like this one its hard to start it when there is so much of it out. I don't know any other animes to give an example of but hopefully you catch my drift. (also i think i killed Rate the anime opening above you with the Spice and Wolf OP lol)
    I mainly watch sub unless its like Fairy Tail or some anime like that.

    Have you seen the monogotari series? (if you checked my latest blog you will know why i am asking lol)
    It is kind of funny lol. And it just dawns on me everytime i watch it how many good and bad things happen with 0% luck lol. I like this anime and once i am done with Index i am going to watch Railgun. I like the OP of Index lol.

    Gakusen Toshi Asterisk i highly recommend. It is my favourite anime this new season
    You have nice anime choices :D i also seen RKnCep4 and it satisfied the hype i had after episode 3. Out of Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry and Gakusen Toshi Asterisk which one do you like more?
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