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  • Writing here since I couldn't send a private message. But congratulations! You have won a consolation prize from the April 2016 Lottery! Let me know when a good time is available to receive your prize. Be sure to tell me which item from the consolation list you want ok? :)
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    Dr. Buni
    Dr. Buni
    Sorry I didn't respond to you earlier. I can get the prize whenever you are available, assuming there still is a consolation prize waiting for me. Also, thanks for the follow!
    No worries, I still have your prize waiting for you.
    just message me whenever you feel like battling. I'm usually here, it's not like I have....much going on.

    usual plebs I hassle about this are too busy being obsessed with league and fallout 4 so
    Sorry for the late reply! With my current busy-ness, I am not sure if I could continue. If I do continue, I know what type I want to do.

    Also, I heard that you have Splatoon. Would it be OK to add your NNID (or you add mine)?
    megazard x is more of a bitch to deal with I'd say cause while it doesn't hit as hard initially, if it gets one dragon dance up it can easily just maul your entire friggin' team, whereas at least char y is more or less limited to wallbreaking due to its unstellar speed. Thank god they kept its speed the same, it would be incredibly ridiculous if it was even like 10 points faster.

    are you trying to implicate that you're trans too, or am I misunderstanding you?
    better. Your opponent was terrible, but you made less bad plays I think. I wanna say your using substitute against tangrowth was intentionally done in order to lower its sp. attack more? Was a good play, you handled that thing in a more interesting manner than I'd have anticipated...assuming you weren't just flailing about confused, lol. I didn't like your way of dealing with megazard y, felt you could have made more effort to play around it instead of kind of sacking pidgeot (dunno if you knew that fire blast would OHKO, shit's crazy powerful) and for some reason relicanth, but the thing's a nightmare to face so whatever.

    "me neither"?
    doesn't matter, I'd like people to know my name anyway. And thanks. Have yet to do facial surgery, hopefully that will be a possibility sooner rather than later.
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