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  • As of now, I'm kinda only still watching the XY anime because my sister wants to, haha. Though as I said before the anime's premiere, I do like Satoshi's new FRLG-ish design. A lot more dignifying than the BW one.
    - Yeah. Most of the Kanto badges were named after colors (Rainbow Badge is the only one that kept its name).
    - Possibly! Though whoever worked on it didn't get the "HP bars look silly in a non-gaming anime" memo.
    - I know, right? It's a shame the writers would rather keep them as stale villains-of-the-day, they have so much potential to be entertaining "good" side characters.
    - Bashou is definitely a man (a villainous bishounen). Such a badass voice in the Japanese version.
    - Yup.
    - I might even give them their own unique Mega Rings.
    - Not surprising. :p
    - Glad you've noticed the pattern, haha. I'm a terrible person.
    - Eureka (and by extension, her brother) is really the only XY anime character I care about as of now, simply because of her antics.

    I've only had one Tumblr in my whole life and that was for the Yuugiou manga (which I only made, like... four or five posts on lol). I do frequent Tumblr blogs though, but I'm too busy with my own anime blog as it is, and everything I'd post about on Tumblr probably falls under the "anime" category anyway. lol

    Yeah, Anime!Serena is totally my problem with the writers shoving in Player Characters without a (respectable) purpose. If they aren't going to have a main or fairly large role, and are instead going to be used as eyecandy or something and play second fiddle to the other characters in the group, then just don't use them. Haruka and Hikari had fairly large roles, and of course Kenta and Marina got their own special. It personally leaves a bad aftertaste when I know that the hero I chose to play as in XY ended up being that "one girl who digs Satoshi and... yeah, that's just about it" in the anime, you know? It would have been so much better if they tried something new, like focusing on Calem/Serena (traveling with their gang of buddies) and Satoshi's separate journeys that intertwine at points within an overall engaging plot... But, oh well.
    Nah, those Mewtwo were drawn by some guy on DeviantArt who knows how to replicate the classic Sugimori art.

    As for Bakuman, I'm not up-to-date with it, but you've inspired me to catch up. :p I watched like the first three episodes and read the first 11 chapters of the manga.

    suift-duroo? Nah, that's not me (he uses dub names lol). I think that's Swifty here.

    Sayako... Yeah, seriously. When the possibility of Serena being Satoshi's childhood friend (+ admirer) arose, I thought to myself "...dude, this sounds familiar. First Origin's Pokemon Tower arc and now this?" xD Good thing she doesn't say Satoshi-sama. It kind of messed with my Player Character OCD too, since it was like "so, you're not gonna use Blue as Satoshi's childhood friend, but let another Player Character unrelated to RGBYFRLG (that bares somewhat of a resemblance to her) take the role? OK anime, shaft Blue again like the rest why don't ya". lol I think I mentioned it on my BMGf blog too.

    Turned out to be a one-off encounter in the end, so not exactly a "childhood friend", so my Player Character OCD calmed down a little (aside from Serena's character currently centering around Satoshi and her lack of a goal, which I'm currently not OK with despite her admittedly being cute otherwise).
    - It's pretty much a change that will make Satoshi earning the Gray Badge a lot more valid.
    - Since Origin seems to have mostly copypasta'd my idea of the Pokemon Tower arc, I think it'd be right if I just used her design for the granddaughter. xD
    - I haven't read the Kanto chapter of Special in a long time, so I don't really remember any specific parts that resembled the second movie's scene.
    - Kind of. Remember EP086 in the Orange Islands and, of course, the second movie? Well, they'll show their good sides like in those and it'll stick. Sakaki sort of "uses" their Pokemon and they realize that they're good people that happen to work for a bad organization.
    - Yeah, I thought it'd be a good idea. Plus, they'll be a lot different from the characters in Legend of Thunder, so yeah.
    - Not necessarily N, but it'll definitely have some relation to the legends of Isshu.
    - Yup!
    - I thought the background story had potential, but everything was just fed to the player so fast, it was kind of hard to understand/feel for AZ and his vengeful motivations that caused him to create something that killed millions of Pokemon (it would have been awesome if they had an anime cutscene or something that depicted his fall into despair, too bad they didn't). He does have potential though, so I'll expand it. And yeah, I'm a fan of Serena x Sana and Calem x Serena. :p
    - I'm fond of this character, fond of these characters, and obviously fond of this character, etc. Does this answer your question? xD
    - Yeah, I think they're pretty amusing in the anime (and in the games).
    (And Mewtwo's Mega Evolutions will be drawn like these, because the new art style simply doesn't fit the character)

    I've actually starting reading Bakugan a couple of months ago after seeing a bit of the anime, it's pretty unique for a Shounen Jump title. I like it so far, and I enjoy the references (and the best friend character, haha). :)
    Well, here are new things I've decided to do:

    - The Origin inspired me to rewrite the first Gym Battle to sort of resemble the one shown in the special, but not really (outcome is still the same as in the anime, only without the sprinklers).
    - I was going to make my own version of Mr. Fuji's granddaughter, but heck, I'll just use cute little Rena. Thank you, Origin!
    - I'll make Satoshi think real hard about the feelings he had during this scene and destroy his brain. Also, I'll have a scene like this happen where Kasumi saves Satoshi from drowning. I'll try not to make things obnoxiously PShippy, because I know how people get... But I do plan on developing their dynamic into something like Yusuke and Keiko from Yuu Yuu Hakusho (I don't know if you've seen it, but it's one of my favorite anime series from the 90s).
    - The Rocket trio become good during the Silph Co. arc.
    - Dr. Orchid goes missing at the beginning of Generation II.
    - I might rename the GSC protagonist "Kintarou", the rival's name "Gin", and the girl's name "Kris", instead of Kenta, Silver, and Marina. Any thoughts?
    - Touko will be a girl with amnesia.
    - I might give Satoshi, Shigeru, and Sayako their own Mega Rings and have them appear in the Kalos saga.
    - I will totally overhaul the Flare story - I thought it was rather stupid in the games. Oh yes, and Calem will never dare friendzone Serena, 'less Sana takes his place.
    - Serena will wear different outfits and hairstyles every chapter. Mine will be the final one because it takes the cake.
    - When I get to that point, I'll make omake chapters for Citron and Eureka. :p
    Hey, haven't heard from you in a while! Yeah, I'm doing good - been having a great holiday. As for the manga project, I've actually drafted the first page of it on paper. I'll probably have funds to buy a tablet next year, so look forward to it. :p
    I wonder if every choice creates a new timeline? In which case, we are in a brand new timeline, and not in the one where I didn't remind you of Unown.

    Yay, I guess. xD
    You wouldn't have thought of that Unown bit if I didn't remind you of Unown.

    So actually, I AM AMAZZZIN !!
    Well that makes a lot of sense, tbh. If Arceus dies, it will just mean rebirth of another universe with something else instead of Arceus.
    Gonna post a sketch of Kasumi soon. Look forward to that. :p And possibly PM you a script.
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