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  • I don't always make bad puns...but when I do...people like my posts. Stay laughing, my friends.
    My avatar? That's the male version Robin/My-unit (on the avatar picture's right) and Cherche (on the left) from Fire Emblem Awakening - who I shipped together in my first gameplay.
    Heh, yeah.

    It's pretty fun. Imo though the page for it on TVTropes maybe can be a little bit more discriptive.

    Also, sense you can watch the Pokemon Anime online, maybe Dracoman Incorporated can continue it's alilasys on the anime episodes.
    Are there other Normal-types that you might have an opinion for? Here's a list of Pokemon families I am yet to get an opinion for (and are unreserved):

    Arceus, Azurill, Bidoof family, Castform, Chansey family, Ditto, Fletchling, Glameow family, Lickitung family, Lillipup family, Meowth family, Miltank, Smeargle, Stantler, Swablu, Teddiursa family
    I'm in the process of doing my Normal-type reviews. Would you like to provide an opinion on Bouffalant? It should preferably be 3 - 4 sentences (you can go beyond this if you want, but don't make it too short or long).
    First of all, welcome to URPG!

    Second, I'd just like to say that if the AIM chat invites didn't work, I know what the problem is and can easily fix it if you send me an IM at MewAshMew on AIM (say something about URPG or DracoMan or something so I know it's not spam). Good luck in URPG and enjoy your time here! -Ash
    Hey, Draco Man! Glad too see you've signed up for URPG!! I hope you enjoy all the fun we have to offer. :) just wanted to let you know that the "unused berries/herbs" section of your stats isn't required since berries and herbs are now permanent items rather than single use. If you get one, you can just include it in your held items section or you can have a separate section for berries if you want! If you have any questions or if there's anything else l can help you with just let me know. --swift
    Oh our Supreme Lord DracoMan, pray nourish us with your wisdom of the Pokemon Anime... haha

    Buy yeah, seriously, thanks for writing those articles, they have been spot-on! Can't agree more than those two entries. I just hope that the TV Tokyo writers/crew (which I heard that some of them were involved in the Origins series) would continue to inject some desperately needed new life into the anime - because as far as I've seen, they certainly have been promising for me after that debacle in BW.

    Two questions for you: I know some of Ash's better/more badass moments are generally showcased more in the movies. Do you think the movies should be better integrated into the main episodes? (Such as showing movie characters within the main episodes, or having an exposition of how the world is changing due to the movie's events.) Do you think there should be more tv episodes/specials which picks up from where the movies finishes? (Like Yveltal striking back again.)
    That's why you probably miss most of the rping. A lot of RPers tend to do so at night due to timezones and work and stuff. Though you always post in the morning and I never see anything from you in the afternoon. 3-8 is after school time generally andisa time for rping as well.
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