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  • Yo, legit don't wanna step on your toes. If you want to claim Unk's story, just let me know 'cause I wasn't entirely sure. ^^
    Just saw you applied for Mistralton, if you want any advice for a Flying gym or to trade for/borrow some additional Flying types I have which are good but didn't quite make it in (second Tropius, Archeops, Emolga, Mandibuzz, etc.), let me know!

    Good luck with it and may the winds always be favorable!
    I can try and find something that I can trade with for your Swampert if your interested?
    Hey, wanna just trade it? I don't think it'll be allowed ;[, if so, post in the trade thread ;]
    I'm upset to hear so many people leaving :(

    If you don't mind, may I have your Blissey please?
    Although, it seems that's already been taken, if so, would you mind parting with Rhyperior?
    But again, I see many requests for that :(
    So then maybe Mamoswine...? But it seems that too has been claimed...
    Gliscor too seems spoken for...
    Perhaps Oddish?
    I can't tell if that has already been claimed, though...
    You know, we'd all be better off if you just stayed :D
    But if you really don't want to/can't, could I at least have Gyarados? That atleast seems unclaimed...

    Well, enjoy whatever it is you decide to do; good luck in all you do; and may you live happily ever after ;)
    Sup bro... If you really insist on leaving, I don't suggest you gift your mons. Husnain did the same, ended up coming back and regrets it. Just something to think about.

    Anyway, if you're really adamant about it, Gliscor would be cool =/
    Hate to see you leave, but since you're going could I have Gliscor or Rhyperior? Those have probably been claimed already, but I thought I might ask.

    Arcanine or Blissey would also be nice, if those are taken.
    Ohai there. Could I please pinch your Togekiss, good sir? :) If not, then your Espeon? Cheers
    Sad to see you leaving, it sucks when so many are leaving. Could I please have your Gliscor though? Since somebody asked though, could I please have Rhyperior or Mamoswine?
    Too many people leaving :(, but if ur sure about it, could i have either Blissey or Gliscor? (Preference is blissey, but Gliscor is still awesome :)
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