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  • but you seem to be pointing out the stupidity of the loud people. and, your not doing it well enough
    No problem. Just wreck the opposittions arguments when they call you out, makes them look more stupid
    People have a problem with your personality? But your a more even tempered me!
    Just leave me alone.
    You obviously don't like me, and I don't like confrontation so just leave me alone, your the only person I don't get on with so oh well. Who cares.
    Thanks, (Here is a word of advise, you should post in other peoples profiles, not your own, first click on view conversation, and post a message and voila! They will notice right away!)
    Hey, May is all yours. I'm a Misty person myself.

    And thank you. I like yours. Gotta love the Celebi.
    Hm, you will not endure the wrath coming from a fanboy? Then please stay away from me and my Haruka/May. Jk! I love you avy!
    Don't sweat it. Everyone has those moments. I have them more than you do.

    The thing with Time travel is that you run into the paradox discussion, as well as the fact that time travel being a fictional thing, everyone has there interpretation of it. Normally that's not a bad thing, but what I find happens is that you get so many theories piling up on each other and NONE of them match/make any sense that eventually everyone just gets sick of the subject because it is so confusing. I try to avoid the discussion if I can, but it gets kinda hard when all everyone is talking about is time travel. Maybe it's jsut my opinions that are making me want to move away from this but in all honesty, I think everyone feels like they are Marty and everyone else is Doc Brown when it comes to Time Travel discussions.
    The only exception to the rule is normal type. The line is...

    "Yep, that's Whitney's Miltank."
    I was just going to say that I hoped there would be different puns for different types.

    I look forward to them ;D
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