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  • Since your favorite region is Sinnoh I'm sure you're excited for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and Pokemon Legends Arceus right? Haha
    nah Im more concerned to when we are getting a new Pokemon Rumble remake
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    Pretty good, been ages since I've been on here. How you been?
    farewell friend
    farewell friend
    Yeah, it's also been a long time since I logged in here!
    I'm doing good :) I just got a new iced coffee maker and it's been fun.
    I'm also trying to figure out which game to play next (exicted for the new Pokemon games and MH Rise).
    Everything is so different! :LOL: I've been getting lost

    I suppose it's a good buy considering summer is on it's way, but I can never be a fan of coffee of any kind, just not my thing.

    Hmm...depends on what you like I guess?
    Good to see a familiar face from the old days coming back. I don't know if you remember me, but we had quite a few mutual friends back in the day.
    Y-you should play AA! PW is an awesome character, so is Maya Fey and Apollo and and a lot of others!

    Yeah that's true! The thing is, I can't really interact with any of them yet.

    I've never finished any of my The Legend of Zelda games! XD

    Ooo high five gurl! I married him on ma first file! x3 I married Lon'qu on my second file, but he's a little too quiet for me. Should've waited for Owain (my next victim)! XD

    Oh but why import a Japanese console if it's going to be released in the US?

    And yeah, I was thinking about getting a job! There's a lot of chain restaurants and stuff near me, so maybe I should try there.
    Never heard of Whole Foods before. I hate people flaunting all those expensive watches and luxury cars anyway!:complain:

    Yeah. I wonder what the future holds. When oil becomes more scarce. Prices and fights will increase! I may as well start cycling to my institute already.:sweatlol:

    Yes, all consoles are much more expensive. However, Sony and Microsoft officially release stuff here, so the transportation cost is less and it's easier to get games. You can easily get the games and consoles in shops and malls. The Playstation series is particularly popular here. I own a PS2 and my friend owns pretty much every playstation console apart from Vita. They did a great job marketing the PS2 and sell it for 6000 bucks. PS2 still sell a lot here.

    Haha, yeah our politicians wanted a "socialist" society and put all kinds of restrictions. For example, if you produced cloth in a textile industry, you were given a license to produce a certain amount and you couldn't produce more even if you had the capacity or there was demand for the product. We called it License Raj, Raj meaning rule. Then our economy was on the verge of collapse in the late 80s and the govt. finally changed the policies.
    Awesome that you read the Sakura Taisen manga. Want to be friends?

    What kind of games do you play (besides Pokemon)? I mostly play shooters and racing but I'm starting to get into Zelda on my Wii. :)
    (so sorry for writing a lot. This is part 2.)
    You should try SSB, it's really fun! :D I like the SSB series better than the Marvel vs Capcom series. That series' controls are so complicated!! But with SSB, you'll learn them easily.

    Does you haz Wii U? I won't lie, I don't have one yet! I really want to get one in time for SSB and SMT x FE! I just feel bad...because I don't have my own money, so my parents would buy it. They were thinking of buying a new car, so there's the monthly payment. They also wanted to get some repairs in the house done, so there's that. Oh and I have to apply for colleges later this year. I have no idea what to do...I should ask for it as my birthday gift, but so many payments are coming!!

    Why thank you!! :D I grabbed the image off of the SSB website, cropped it, sharpened it, and did something with the color. XD
    Yeah I know right?! x3 We've been best friends since we were 3 or 4; we're practically sisters! xD She got me the Ace Attorney (AA: Justice for All) game I've wanted!

    Oh yeah! Yup it's the same wildlife hospital! And hmm I dunno! I'm just not good at talking to people I don't know, really. Sometimes it's okay, sometimes I feel nervous. If I'm alone, I'd feel nervous talking to someone I don't know. But if I was with a friend, I wouldn't be nervous. That was probably hard to understand, but it's just hard to understand meh. :0

    Haha exactly! I mean I don't have a nook, but I know I would have no use for it. xD I just like going to ze local library!

    I think I might have ADHD game-wise too because I have soooooooo many games I have completed only halfway (Skyward Sword, Wind Waker, etc) or some that I've only played for like 1 hr and haven't played since. Oh and I also have some anime I really need to finish but I don't have the urge to do so that much. :(

    Yeah Awakening was awesome!! I cried too!! :'( I felt so together with the characters, you know what I mean? Btw, who did you marry? XD Oh and is Awakening your first FE game? I must say, Awakening, difficulty wise, was pretty easy(not counting the lunatic modes)!! Even hard mode wasn't so hard. If you want hard, try the older games. FE6 is really frickin hard and you don't even choose the difficulty! I remember some of the bosses are like upgraded classes, so like in one chapter, all of your units are un-promoted and are onlylevel 8-10 and the boss was a level 1 General (promotion of Knight class). o_o
    It happened to our neighbours. They put something to cook and forgot about it and were just watching tv and then suddenly BOOM! The entire building shook! If a pressure cooker's steam vent gets blocked, then the steam built inside cannot escape and then after a point, the pressure increases so much that the cooker can explode. Of course, this happened a long back, almost 15 years back when cookers we got here were poor quality. Don't think modern cookers would explode. Still, I always feel nervous around them!:sweatlol:

    Hehe, Apple products here are only used by rich people. Infact every Mac user here seems to think of them as status symbols or something "different from Windows"!

    We don't have much oil so, we need to import most of it and our demand is huge. So, that means we import far far more than we export and that leads to a weakened rupee and inflation. To control this, the govt. tries to just cut imports apart from essential items like petroleum and food and stuff and so gaming devices are very costly. Gaming is pretty much a rich man's hobby unless you pirate everything.

    Taxes have always been very high here. Infact they are at their lowest in recent history right now. Back in the 1970s, one of our prime ministers tried to put in 97% income tax!!
    Awesome! :D My best friends came by and brought me some stuff: clicky!

    Btw did I tell you I started volunteer work? I don't know why..but I feel stressed about it. Talking to people I don't even know and who are much much older than me makes me nervous. :(

    Orrr I could get this thing I just saw; it's some kind of scarf or cloth and you wear it to help you cool down:clicky! It looks like a can of paint. XD

    Oh okay! I think I'm interested in watching this anime! Is there an english dub or is it sub only? It doesn't matter to me, just curious. :3

    Haha but you see, I'm a collector and a gamer. I like to put all the cases away in shelves so they look all pretty, ya know? And of course, physical copies are more valuable (take EarthBound (SNES), for instance. Physical copies of just the cart are worth almost $200, but the downloadable on the e-shop is only $10.) Yeah I know right?! Region locking of Nintendo started with games made from DSi time and onwards, I think! I was finally downloading Dual Destinies yesterday and I think it took like 30 minutes. o_o

    Oh don't worry! My favorite games are mainly RPGs and they've all required grinding! My most recent grind heavy RPG was Ni no Kuni and I finished it in January. It was such a good game! I think I will start aaaall the way from the beginning with SMT. I already have a SNES emulator, I just need to find an English patched rom of it.

    I haz: FE Awakening, Pokemon X, SMTIV, and now, AA: Dual Destinies

    Speaking of Fire Emblem, I freaked out today when 2 characters from Awakening were revealed for Super Smash Bros!! :0 I've been a huge Fire Emblem fan since I was like 8 or 9 and I was really surprised the series is finally getting some more attention! I'm also super excited for SMT x FE!!
    If my office is on a skyscraper with a glass window...:sweatlol:

    We have twice had fires in our neighbourhood. Once a family had gone on a vacation and left some gadgets like the fridge on and it caught fire and all their curtains and stuff were burnt. The firemen doused it and when we called them, they just went "meh, it's fine!" :loopy: Another time we had a pressure cooker explode in the flat that I live in. It was a like a bomb exploding!

    Macs don't sell here in India at all. Only hipsters buy them here. Are they popular there?

    It's too expensive! If you take the 2ds' US price, it would cost me the equivalent to 7000 thousand rupees, which isn't too high, since it's the same as a cheap Android phone. However, it would cost me 12000+ because the Indian govt. is trying to cut imports and the taxes are very high. Buying from websites like PlayAsia was banned, I think. Unfortunately Nintendo doesn't release anything officially in India, so we have to import the stuff. Getting the handheld itself is tough. If, let's say I ask my cousin living in the US to buy one and bring it here, she would face trouble from the custom authorities, who would ask her to pay a huge tax just to take it away from the airport! I think I will have wait at least 2 years till I get a job. Or of course, my parents would buy me one if I top my class, although I would feel bad asking them for a gaming device.
    Yep an engineer of sorts would be correct.

    I've a similar phobia of heights! I feel giddy and my head swims if I am looking down from the 3rd floor or higher in any building. My first instinct is to clutch something ASAP.:sweatlol:
    The PC version is the best really. Not only are some bugs fixed, but you can also get fan-made mods.
    It's easy to get lost in Skyrim though. I often look at the list of missions and start doing them and a few hours later, the list has grown longer.:sweatlol:
    What type of character do you like to build in Skyrim? I built a warrior who simply runs in slashing his great-sword!

    I would love to but I don't have a 2ds/3ds, so I still haven't played gen 6 games yet.:-(
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