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  • Noivern is my favorite now. But I'm trying to catch as many Pokemon and see what pets they like.

    For replies: it seems that someone posts, then you reply. Then they make a new post, and you reply. Or the other way around. Very strange.
    Ooo, I have a 5 IV Noibat in Y I haven't gotten around to using yet. I never realized Noivern was...so big???

    Huh. The old system seems simpler, but I guess that's what PMs are for now.
    How's that going? And I'm doing pretty good, mostly petting my Pokemon in Refresh.
    Good. I regret not participating in the first two Global Missions, welp. Any particular favourites?

    And how do these new (well not new, but I haven't been active the past few months) visitor messages work? Do I reply here, or on your profile?
    May I add your FC? :D
    Hi! I realize this response is. Over a year late ;~; If you're still interested, my answer is yes, and I can send you a nice 5 IV Marill and/or 5 IV Love Ball Buneary :D (in SM) If you're not – that's fine, I understand.
    Part 2 of only 2 for once???

    Mason did get pretty annoying as a teen-ager, but I honestly think that was the point. Haven't we all gone through that "edgy" phase? I know I did. It's a part of growing up, and bingo, that's what Boyhood was all about, so seeing Mason go through that "intellectual" phase was "funny because it's true" for me. I've only seen the first few minutes of the second Before movies, whichever one that was, only because it was at the end of a recording my mom made of the best movie ever made The Truman Show.

    I can believe Tim Burton's a guy who'd get over-done in that kind of a class. Speaking of which, that sounds like the class of my dreams! Tim Burton definitely helped me get interested in movies when I was younger, so he has to be doing something valuable, but as I got older I realized how people do the things he's done, and better. Nowadays I usually associate Tim Burton with my friends on Facebook who share things like "He didn't silence my demons... he just knew how to dance with them ~~~~~", which is unfortunate, but I think that's what you get when you make family movies that are intentionally a little off-kilter. Now Wes Anderson, on the other hand, is somebody that I can't get into! That's a guy who's style over substance personified, if you ask me. People think he's cool because he has a style, but when that "style" is just obsessively moving the camera only in 90-degree increments and keeping everybody perfectly single-file and standing up straight, it's just so silly and pretentious that I can't take it seriously at all.

    Let's see here... Rotom, Jumpluff, Mantine, Gyarados, Absol, and Shedinja. And there's a story from my childhood behind all of those, so ask away if you like. That's honestly what I remember the most about Pokemon as a kid, was how much it inspired my imagination.
    Oh, nerrrrrdy stuff. Usually the best word for what I'm looking for is "analysis", even then I don't always get results. I'm going through a phase where I can't justify the time I spend playing video games without feeling like the game means something~~~. I'm torn between Metal Gear Solid 3 and Shin Megami Tensei IV and I want to know which has a better story, but searching "analysis" is only a few results, the rest being game-play, which I'm sure to like anyway. Maybe I should try searching "meta".

    I'm just a snot-nosed freshman right now, so I don't really have a "program", if we're talking about majors. It's only been a few weeks and already people are learning my name, so I'm not the odd one out or anything. The more I think about it, I think I really have been getting less introverted as I get older.

    The one saving grace of doing work is that I feel good about myself once I get lazy after I've done work, whereas when I get lazy before doing work I can't shake the thought that I'm a lazy dick-head. I've been getting better about making myself do work, which is exactly what I hoped college would do for me.

    Citizen Kane was great, might be one of my new favorites. Hype usually sets me up for disappointment too, but usually, when something is "over-hyped", it just means that a lot of people enjoyed it. Ed Wood is probably the best Tim Burton movie, even though it is a movie about movies, which is a cliche as much as hipsters don't deny it. I usually don't like historical movies or thrillers, so that I liked Argo is a testament to Ben Affleck's ability as a director. Nebraska kinda eluded me, but I think that's mostly because it's in gray-scale for no reason. That's not knocking Alexander Payne, however, since now that I think about it I remember plenty of scenes because he's so good at making something funny and dramatic at the same time. None of them were bad movies, I'd recommend all of them.
    part 3 of ?

    We compose speeches. Duh. With that out of the way, basically the class is built on three Big Assignments: the informational speech, the persuasive speech, and the entertainment speech. The informational speech is where you'll see all the "How To" types of things along with biographies and stuff like that, the persuasive speech is where we make arguments and nobody is allowed to talk about legalizing weed because nobody in this country has an original thought left on the matter at this point, and I don't really know what the entertainment speech is about because we haven't talked about it much at all and I couldn't be bothered to look ahead in the course. Baby steps.

    As for the Pokemon I've been "experimenting" with lately, there's some explaining to do. When I was a little kid I'd play this make-believe game with my brother where we'd pretend to "catch" Pokemon based on something we had done in real life. Have I explained this to you before? I remember one time I was about 6 or 7 and I got stung right on the nose by a wasp that had followed me across the front yard just to mess with me, so we pretended that I had "caught" a Beedrill. So lately I've been recalling Pokemon that my brother and I had pretended to "catch" when we were little kids, and training up their equivalents in Y. Growing up in Florida means I have a disproportionate amount of Water types on my team, so Electric and Grass give me a run for my money. It's fun to have weaknesses like that, at least in a game as easy to be over-powered in like Pokemon.

    (Well, it wasn't in four parts but I had to do some serious editing this time, which is something I haven't done in a long time. Now I remember why. >_<)
    part 2 of ?

    Actually, the more I think about it, it's real accurate in portraying the internal conflicts of someone who has a deep-seated problem with themselves, which is something that I know a bit about first-hand. None of the characters in Evangelion have given up on themselves, the difference is that they're so desperate to get over themselves that they go insane. As confusing as it gets, when you really think about some of the things that're said in the final two episodes, it's pretty heavy stuff. Hideaki Anno definitely writes like someone who's personally gone through similar bouts of self-doubt and insecurity. I recommend it, hopefully you'll find it at your library. What have you found there, by the way? Currently I have Citizen Kane, Superbad, Ed Wood, Nebraska, and Argo checked out, so that's the sort of thing my college has.

    That was a very apt description of the movie, actually. You had me giggling at "a fake deep film masquerading as a real deep one", I might start using that myself! The more I think about it, the more I get the feeling that Birdman really is a special movie. My college just got a copy of it in the library so I'll probably watch it again soon That being said, I think I probably still like Boyhood more, because while Birdman is a really dense, exciting movie that's like super-cool and fresh, brother and that's good to see once in a while, I think I see more of a reason to be (I refuse to say raison d'etre because people need to stop using French words like they're smarter or something) in Boyhood's mellower, more underplayed drama. Actually, it's similar to Birdman because both movies are built on a stylish gimmick, and then sorta dance around a "meaning" in favor of just being food for thought, y'know? Probably better than a movie that stomps its artistic value into the dirt so everyone sees it.
    (Would you believe the same thing happened to me? *sobs* and I think this one's gonna be in four parts *seppuku*)

    That just brings me to Tumblr's front page or whatever it is. I can't make heads or tails of Tumblr. Looks like it's time for your "plan C". ;P

    My brother is 16 and he can drive. I remember a few years ago he couldn't wait for me to be the guy who drove him places, now it's the other way around, heh. Although I'm such a push-over I usually prefer to find other means of transportation before I ask my friends/family for help. Anyway, I'm actually surrounded by my friends from high school where I am (we have a running gag that our college is "[insert name of my high school] 2.0"). Making friends is really easy for me, but usually it's dependent on other people saying hi to me first. I'm the type of guy who hardly ever sends Friend Requests on Facebook because I wait for other people to send me theirs. I try to be friendly, but I'm pretty introverted, you know what I mean? I've been getting less introverted as I get older, though.

    I took one AP class as well, so I can tell you that dual enrollment is still a pretty different beast. Although both of the classes I took happened to be "Gordon Rule" classes (there's a minimum word count requirement for the course so there were no tests, only essays), so that made a difference as well. I see what you're saying about the differences between high school and college, but the biggest obstacle for me is how reliant college is on going out of your way to do work. I'm such a lazy procrastinating douche-bag I get myself in sticky situations pretty regularly in terms of doing work that's due in like five seconds.
    ack part 3 i'm sorry!

    It's topic like that, topics that pique your curiosity almost unusually, that you should keep in mind for future essays in your classes. I know I've been brain-storming ideas for my Speech Com class. Thankfully I'm fascinated by a lot of things, so very rarely are my essays half-assed, but once in a blue moon... all hell breaks loose.

    I'm actually in your same boat. I like how stupidly difficult the Battle Maison gets, as opposed to something like Mt. Battle in Pokemon Colosseum (great game from my childhood by the way) that's mostly just tedious, and I feel the same way that being conscious of EVs makes me more attached to my Pokemon, although maybe that's because I don't ever look that stuff up, I just make sure to pit my Pokemon against Pokemon that I think will give good EVs, and I don't pay attention to IVs at all. So maybe I'm actually not in your same boat. :p Ain't nobody got time fo dat!
    the second part

    Oh, man, you read me like a book because I hate being told "it gets better". The only reason people say that is because the premise grabs them to begin with, and clearly that's what Game of Thrones did for you. Actually, over this past week that's what happened with me and Neon Genesis Evangelion. I checked out the entire box set from my college's library (MY COLLEGE'S LIBRARY IS AWESOME AND I'VE ALREADY SEEN SO MANY GOOD MOVIES OMG) and from the first episode Evangelion gave me the impression that there's more to it than "giant fighting robots", which is absolutely true but the thing is that Evangelion gets weirder and weirder as it goes on, which means it can be difficult for people to stick with it, but I was so gripped by the premise of a "giant robot" show with a deeper meaning that I stuck with it to end, even through parts that I didn't necessarily care about. I'm glad I stuck with it because I actually quite liked the ending, which is really infamous for how weird and psychological it is in contrast to the series starting out as mostly another "giant robots and undressed teenage girls" show. That's the power of style and a good premise, for sure.
    I practically wrote an essay on Birdman in the "Rate the Movie You Watched" thread, go look there. To compress it, I liked it but over-all it's sort of an unnecessary movie, pure style for style's sake, or perhaps more accurately, it's a movie about style.
    What do you mean by "meta" in this instance?

    I take the bus to college because I still can't drive! :S I have a good idea of what's where on campus because it's fairly small and I've spent a lot of time there even before becoming a full student. Although your advice about joining clubs and such is appreciated all the same time because I'm definitely not the quickest to include myself in the social life of anywhere I go. I've actually been pretty okay about getting enough sleep, surprisingly, because all summer I was staying up until like 3:00 AM most nights. It's actually pretty remarkable how quickly I've gotten back into the groove of a proper sleep schedule.

    I took orientation all the way back in high school, actually, because I did dual enrollment in my senior year. Do they have that where you are? It's basically doing a college class amid all your normal high school classes. It was pretty tough, but I did it and I had credit for two whole English courses before I ever walked into my first real college class last week. I'm hoping college is going to be easier than a college class in the middle of a high school schedule.
    Oh my god part 3 I'm sorry

    You hit the nail on the head, that's really what it boils down to; you can show just about anything you want on the screen as long as it's appropriate to the story. It's a very fine line between extremity and exploitation. It's a very subtle thing to avoid, but when someone messes it up, like lingering on a violent scene for too long and just expecting people to go along with it because it's like artificially making the protagonist sympathetic in place of an actual personality, it really crashes and burns.
    I've been booting up Pokemon Y every once in a while to experiment with Pokemon beyond the posse that I ended up going to the Elite Four with, and it definitely puts in perspective how much of Pokemon is fake difficulty, but it also got me to thinking about why I tolerate it so disproportionately in Pokemon while condemning it in any other game, and I think it really is because of how well Pokemon leaves things to the imagination, like we've talked about before. When we were kids, we were so fascinated by the idea of Pokemon that we were having a blast on our Game Boys imagining ourselves going on this adventure and going all over the world building friendships with our team and all of that other world-building stuff that Pokemon does so well, when in reality for a large part of it we were just walking around in tall grass and mashing the A button. Of course, if we enjoyed it, we enjoyed it, and that's all that matters, but I think as I get older I'm starting to see through it more easily. I still have such a powerful nostalgia for Pokemon, and that's not going away any time soon. You get what I mean?
    Part 12

    My summer has been a blur. Graduating high school has kinda left me in a funk, and probably the biggest part of my summer has been going down to my college to take care of college stuff that sets my imagination ablaze with doubts about how I'll spend my money, how I'll spend time with friends, how I'll handle the unreciprocated crushes that I'll definitely come down with, how I'll eat, how I'll sleep... I'll stop before I put myself in a bad mood again. Tell me, do colleges sell vomit bags? >_<
    Just in the past few weeks, I've been watching lots of movies. We got a free trial of HBO that just ran out, but it was great while it lasted. I checked out Game of Thrones, didn't care for it as I expected (sorry, it's really tough to get me invested in a sword-and-sorcery fantasy, that's all ;P), but then I watched a whole lot of movies. My Facebook wall has been an endless stream of two-sentence movie reviews because I desperately want people to like things that I think are good. Birdman, Annie Hall, Election, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Up in the Air, all kinds of good stuff that I don't remember. How about you?
    (Holy cow, she's alive! I don't have a Skype, but if I ever do end up getting one, I'll let you know. :))

    Yes, I did! As a matter of fact, I got it on release day, which is something that I've never done before. (Releasing it on Friday the 13th was so cheeky.) It's definitely a good game, though I think I might have hyped myself out just a little bit. I got interested in Majora's Mask because from what I heard until release date it's supposed to be the "deepest", darkest, most emotional Zelda game, filled with a whole lot of college-essay-style subtext about death and grief, and while I would agree that it is the darkest, creepiest, and really the weirdest Zelda game I know of, it's not quite in the same way that I sorta envisioned it as I was getting hyped. It is overflowing with that dark, spooky atmosphere for sure, but let's just say that it's not college-essay material, if you get my drift.

    Speaking of college, I start in two days! Give me some soul-crushing wisdom about your experience so far!
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