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  • This seemed like an interesting perpective on things to me, and I thought you might wanna take a look.
    Awwww don't worry about it <3 I didn't explain the reason why I hated mobile phones so you had every right to say what you did xD I was expecting someone to make a reply (because usually when people say they hate mobile phones it's because they get annoyed that people are on their phones all the time and I have no problem with that) but I didn't want to make my previous post too long so it's my bad as I should have explained. Thanks for the apology anyway!
    Understood. Thanks. Perhaps we could talk more after the game is done. Obviously, I slipped up somewhere because most of the Town came tumbling around my head. I get a feeling the commuter claim did me in...
    First time playing as mafia, though. There were bound to be hitches.

    As I said, a lot of what I do is throw stuff against the wall and see what sticks, but that's not always a good approach.
    I am serious. If you'd be willing to give me some advice for future mafia games, I'd appreciate it.
    As overblown and overconfident as I seem, I do realize that the massive bandwagon wouldn't have formed due to Jist's initial post unless people had been suspicious of me beforehand.
    But you did give me props for being a believable townie, so I must have done something right...
    I don't, but I can find it pretty easilly... *Does exactly that*

    It's a close-up of this image. Oh, and thank you for the compliment.
    Tbh if you check all the stuff on their 10 year anniversary thingy, it kinda gives you new hope
    [sub]Or maybe they're just diamonds in the rough[/sub]
    The fourth most gilded post on Reddit. If they counted all the gold in the comments, it would've been first for sure. I enjoy the irony very, very much.
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