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  • Yeah I go on Tumblr a lot too. In fact I'm on there so much, I need help... I need to be ripped away form it. anyways I do have a Skype. but I don't have Wi-Fi at home. however I am currently going to school at a community college and there's free Wi-Fi here. we could only text through it though. ok
    Jack? you still come on here? though i'd just check up on you. since i haven't in a VERY long time. well i'll be checking this to see if you'll reply and when you do it'll be nice to to talk to you again. :kawaii:
    oh my x3c ^///^)~
    haha well, off and on :B Some days I am on Aussy time, others, I'm forced to be awake when the sun is actually shinning on my side of the world :B
    XD you're too kind, really! lolol
    xD i'm still on aussie time lol so i was actually getting ready for bed xP but i have things to do so it was just a short nap :B
    but! but but but! :U i need more fodder to argue with :B
    mmm, ya.
    eh i've just got a lot on my plate atm, and then when i got promoted to deputy head of VG, it was just kinda starting to put me over the edge mentally and i wasn't enjoying myself coming on here since i would come here to escape my troubles from irl, so with the added pressures here, i just needed to step back and re-evaluate myself and get some things irl worked out before i could fully commit to the stuff going on here, ya know? it wouldn't be fair to this awesome place if i wasn't giving it the best i could. And it wouldn't have been fair to me to ignore my problems any longer.
    eh, things go. i'd much better prefer to tell you over skype though :B /since anybody and everybody can read our vms :B
    i'll argue all i darn well please, pls~ :B :B :B
    Japan got it back in like November, with the US getting it in March, and everywhere else getting it in May ;o
    mhm. i've decided to go on a 2-3 month break from it :B
    lawl, pls.
    ikr? we got ours like a month ago ;o
    i'm not asleep :B i've just been leaving mine on "do not disturb" for like the past 2wks to avoid being talked to about responsibilities or something :B
    you're always free to poke me on there to say hello~
    i dunno ;o what would you think it'd be like? :B
    Well, i'm havin fun with it, so if ya need pointers i could give them to you (for once!) haha
    OUCH! According to Bulbapedia, it doesn't come out in Aussieland til May 18, 2013.
    That'd be nice, ya :B
    we should :B
    eh, I'm not sure. I just get the feeling you wouldn't like it as much as Sky or w/e else you'd have played.
    i think so :B And then...you just kinda never came back on skype XD
    See this is the trouble real lives bring us :B is also playing the hell out of the new PMD game
    pls, i'm the only contact you need~ ;B
    ah well then that makes keeping in touch hard, huh? :B
    i'm easiest to reach on skype, on there practically all day long if i can help it :B
    exactly :c
    Cuz i dun leik facebroke. i'm not exactly happy with it's privacy policy, or lack thereof. So I've just left mine to rot for all time. :B
    aw ;o well we need to fix that, yo.
    Cuz don't you get additional charges for texting out of country? ;o With iphone's imessaging, it's free (so long as you're hooked up to a wifi access point).
    oh i thought you said new tumblr and i was like you have a perfectly fine one, why make another? xD
    Ah well, do what you please :B
    i'd just like it better if we could talk more than once ever 3-4 months xD
    well unless you have an iphone, ya, texting is kinda out :B
    I was unaware you had one ;o though, why would you make another? :B
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