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  • Ugh, sorry to hear that. :x

    No thanks necessary, lol. So rare to see Domino avys, or Domino art in general. Or maybe I'm just not looking in the right spots. :/
    I see,didnt knew your writing fan fics,sounds interesting.So you dont have much time to come on anymore?I understand,with all this obligations sometimes its hard to find time for everything,hopefully in future you will have more time for yourself.May i ask what do you study?

    With me holidays went ok.I was little sick(just a minor flu),but aside from that i cant complain.Atmosphere for Christmas was great and we went to visit my aunt and relatives which we havent seen for a long time.We had lot catching up to do and it was great seeing them again.I only wish we had snow this year to make surrounding even better.Ah well better luck next time.
    Hi,hope you dont mind for dropping in just like that.Hope you had great holidays and wishing you all the best in this year.

    We should really talk more often lol,we hardly know each other.
    It's probably because I'm older, but the whole season has lost a lot of its magic. I still enjoy the Christmas specials and such (or most of them. Rudolph sends such a bad message to children), the idea of the season, and seeing family and friends, but the whole gift giving part is stressful.
    And luckily with Christmas being just a view days away I think we may have gone back to the normal two-weekends-of-work per month instead of the three they bumped us up to.

    I truly hope I am able to find that career. Hopefully sooner rather than later, lol. It would motivate me a lot more. Like, I'm doing good in school overall, but if I had a better goal to strive for it would help.
    Thank you for the friendly advice. ^^
    No apology necessary. Real life takes priority over BMGf. ^^

    I'd say "meh" overall, but I know compared to thousands of others less fortunate than myself it sounds like heaven.
    This weekend was a nightmare because working in retail during Black Friday weekend is never an easy task. People are crazy. @.@
    Still not sure what I want to dedicate my life to in terms of a career. It's frustrating at times. :/
    So yeah, meh. xD How have you been? From the sound of it you haven't been exactly been having an easy time yourself recently either.
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