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  • Hey, this is super belated and not really important now, but I'm really sorry about the total lack of activity back in your game! I had some stuff going on and dropped off the internet for a while. But anyway, I'd like to apologize for that now that I'm seeing this message just now. ^^;
    Hey, GM, if you wanna keep your URPG gym remember to post in the rollcall, today is the last day.
    Hey man I'll sub for All Stars.
    I apoligize for backing out at first. I had things to take care of, and then I was simply not feeling in a great mood.
    No but I know why she can't play, I think she would. When she told me to ask hosts to remove her from current games, I forgot to ask you to remove her from your game x).
    Hey, can I sub for your All Stars game? By the way don't expect to Clusiana to be active, at least from the first phases because she still can't play.
    Hey, GM, wanna sub in in my game? I need several, and you just died without anything given away.
    From adding mafia to the name xD

    Yeah I feel ya there, luckily most of my classes this term seem easy enough.
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