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    I love Clockwork Clown with a passion, I got Project Diva F for Christmas so I've been playing that a lot lately along with the second game. :p

    But 'allo again! I've barely been on I know, though I've been sickly in a sense. How have you've been lately?
    I've been alright, haven't done much aside from hosting the 12 days of Bulbatrade with shark and others. How have you've been?
    Hi happy! :D

    As for what Massachusetts is like, it's cold. There's even howling winds today. It sounds like something out of a horror movie. xD

    But how's things?
    Hey Dolce!

    For some reason, it's suddenly like 40 degree is Cali, and it's freexing ;-;

    Things are great! School's going well, and I'm starting to write stories again!
    40 is freezing? Nah, 40 is paradise happy! Once you get to 20 degrees though... now that's cold. :p

    What kind of stories?
    But like 2 weeks ago, it was 90. I wasn't ready! ;-;

    things like fanfictions and stories just for fun! I have a whole bunch of story topics I want to start! I've also been into roleplaying for a long time too. :D
    Those are very... unique cases. And gruesome. x.X

    Do? I don't think she'd use his feelings for her to manipulate him. Maybe a ghost possessing her would, but not her. Or did you mean something else?
    Kakuna Matata
    Kakuna Matata
    Good on ya! That's the way to do it. xD
    Now see I love cheese, so it grew on me pretty quickly after I got more invested in the show.

    You and me both. ;-; (But I don't want to buy the system for it because then I'll never get any of my work done... >>;)
    Kakuna Matata
    Kakuna Matata
    This new messaging system is so awkward and clunky and... not what I am used to. xD
    That's understandable, It is a bit odd. Although, I'm on another forum exactly like this, so I can manage xD
    I usually pass out 95% of the time. 5% of the time I actually go to bed properly.

    I get that feel all too well. xD

    It spices things up bud!

    Pfff I'm on the other side of the US then! I'm in Massachusetts and that's right on the water.

    How have you've been lately? :D
    I can't help it happy. D: It's hard for me to get to bed, I'm too energetic.

    Definitely! Villains aren't the best role models but you have to admit they know what they want and don't let others get in their way. :p

    An odd convo here and there is okay though!

    Awww. I think the only weather that makes me run like the wind is thunder and lightning. I get scared of being zapped.
    I think the longest I've every stayed up was from 5pm one day, till 1am the next day. I was sick from trying that. I hope so too, if I hadn't transferred so much I'd be long done too! But oh well. :p

    I guess so??? My young self was easily influenced by strong figures.

    That's actually some very solid and sound logic right there. xD

    It makes sense actually, I mean most take winds for granted but they can cause damage too.
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