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  • Eh, that type of stuff is fine. I'm used to seeing all sorts of scenes in anime, though perhaps this is on a different level? If so, I look forward to seeing how fucked up you say it is. :p I'll let you know when I start watching!
    That's similar to me; I don't normally watch something unless it's recommended. By the name I'd guess that the anime is kind of psycho? :p It certainly sounds like anything could happen when you have "psycho" in the name.

    Ehh, I don't normally use Netflix fom anime, but the selection is pretty bad? Not too surprising, I suppose, especially if they focus on the more popular ones. I don't know whether or not you're still checking in on the forums (don't feel compelled to come back just because of me ^^) but are you watching anything currently? I was recently recommend Kekkai Sensen, which is a short but intriguing anime about... well, it's hard to say what it's about. But there's fighting and monsters, so most of what you usually see in anime. :p
    Hi! Thanks for dropping by - always nice to hear from you. :~)

    I'm been doing pretty well, thanks. Been quite busy with traveling so I'm just now getting a chance to relax a bit more, but I'm well and am currently trying to catch up with some anime series as well as doing a bit of reading. How are you doing? Hope all is well.
    Sorry I have not been online in while. Things got busy on my end. xD

    Thank you. I hope you had an awesome Easter too. :)
    Hiya, sorry I never replied. Been a tad busy in the recent days.

    But I'm all is well with you~ Have you done anything of interest lately? My own life has been pretty low-key; only thing I've done out of the ordinary lately is pick up the ol' DS. Was my first time playing a pokemon game in a while, and I took a spin at the Maison before losing. vv
    Ahhhhhh! Sorry for never getting back to you - my mind is truly quite something, I suppose. .-. Anyways, how are you doing? Life treating you well, I hope? ;y; I am doing alright myself, just trying to get some things sorted out before the weekend is over.

    In response to your previous question, I don't have a degree yet so it's not like I can pursue a career or anything, just simple jobs. Have looked at a few but haven't had the urge to apply anywhere as of yet.
    Ouch! That happened to me with my first PS3. After that my coworker told me that if I had PS Plus it would have just auto backed up all my games for me. XP
    This just means you get to experience all of your games from the beginning again!
    Going well, I'd say. In fact, I am putting them up in blogs already. I'm up to Castform already.
    I love level grinding! Its like my second favorite part of RPG's. I put on music too and level for a couple of hours.
    Nice~ Sounds great~

    I started this past Fall and I go to SCAD in Georgia~ I'm only in my third quarter of my first year and this quarter is clearly gonna be super intense! XD
    Yes, everything was well!~ I had to get up at 4 in the morning to go to early morning church service XD but had a great breakfast there~ I'm still off at collage, so I didn't get to see any of my family, but I did get to talk to my cousins that I don't get to hear from very often~ :3

    I hope yours was good, too~ Sorry for the late response, college is getting more bleh~ XP
    At the moment, no. I plan to look for one soon, but am having a bit of trouble deciding where to apply. I know I shouldn't be picky and that there's always a chance of me getting turned down, but I'm not really great at interacting with people in general, so I want to try and avoid daily contact with rude people. :f Unfortunately for everyone, there's not many jobs where that's a guarantee.
    I get watch'ya mean. I am a regular forum addict, but can very much relate to feeling lackadaisical. ^^

    I'm doing good, thanks. Haven't had too much to do recently, so I've been trying to catch up on sleep and a bit of writing today. Haven't had the motivation to get anything done recently, so that was a nice change of pace. But yup, that's all for my life. :p
    Good enough, I suppose. Oh? What job do you have, if you don't mind my asking? You pay for your apartment's electricity bill?
    I'm fine, nothing special, however. I have a lot of free time, which I spend mostly online. Hope to enroll in college later this year, however.
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