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  • I was looking through old VMs out of boredom, and I saw your name there, so I thought (also out of boredom) that I would say hi, so... Hi~
    great, i'll add you back. if i get a chance i'll let you know what's your third pokemon. btw i have some breeding leftovers that need a home, so if you happen to like charmander, lapras, bulbasaur or lotad i'll gladly give you one (with pretty decent stats and moves too)
    Oh that's awesome. Mine is 4554-1270-5039 if you need it btw.

    And I'll add your new FC shortly then! :)
    1292-9447-2383, and my trainer name's Michael. And all right. I'm heading back in now, so I'll be waiting until you're ready.
    Will you be available in a little while? I'm currently evolving some Pokémon, and then I'm going to clone my Celebi to trade for an Arceus, but I can be in the room in about 20 minutes if all works out well.
    If you're ready to trade, I'll be available later tonight around 10 PM PDT, tomorrow after 7:30 to 8 PM, and almost any time this weekend except for while I'm sleeping, doing chores, and - on Sunday only - watching the Steelers game.
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