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  • I'm certainly not a sir :p, but my avatar and signature currently feature Hikage from the Senran Kagura series.
    Yes, absolutely the best final Fennekin evo I've seen.

    Good connection there with the Shisa
    That looks kinda cool, though I see Fennekin staying more as a fox than a dog. I think they might break the pattern this time.
    Can I recommend a Fakemon game?

    If so, play Pokémon Uranium, some of their designs remind me of yours, they're great.
    You must be tired of hearing this, but sorry for the late reply, and also, those last ones look amazing.
    They all look pretty special, and funny thing really, I was about to ask you about the green parts, before seeing your comment on it, also, I'd like to ask, are the Red, Blue and Green parts made of the corresponding Chrome Digizoids? Because as each of them have a unique pro[erty to them, it would be awesome to have a Digimon that embodies all three of them (well, five really, counting the Golden and Black parts, kinda sorta maybe?)
    Those are pretty epic, Dorulumon's especially, if only his rookie didn't have a wangdrill... Also, ultimate/perfect Cutemon creeps me out :(

    Can't wait for Sparrowmon.
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