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  • Ash x Serena pairing (AmourShipping) is so amazying
    Yeah, haha. I used to be an AdvanceShipper, but after hearing all the fuss about AmourShipping, I started watching the XY series since BW was a complete flop for me.
    I also like your picture
    It is so cute
    ahaha. Yeah. It's quite helpful if you are going to look for the translation for a word. It's quite funny to read the literal meaning from the sentence you wanted to be translatedXD

    Nice. That's good. Experience is quite helpful when it comes in choosing a course. Most importantly if that's your skill.
    Don't ever use Google translate.. well you can but sometimes its translation is quite different form the original meaning. haha. Just like you said, they're not 100% accurate.

    Yep, I know. that's why you're going to take engineering right? hehe.
    I see..I understand. I don't see it being unfair. since you haven't stayed here in a long time compare to the people who are actually stayed here for a long time, specifically the Filipino citizens and also you are used to say English rather than the filipino language. so I didn't really see the bias in there. Using Taglish is quite helping in aiding you to slowly yet surely catch up with the Filipino language. I know, it can be a bit hard but it can be learn if practiced. :)

    Oh yeah, I know the professor would understand when you reached your College. Teachers might understand you situation as well.
    Yeah, Personally Engineering is somewhat I consider are, as for you that really urging for that Course, I have a feeling that you're not that terrible in math. But yeah, good preparation for it will be a great help. I sucked in math, ugh! Sorry, I can't help saying this whenever someone mentioned math. XD

    Sooory.. so sorry for my late reply. I have been stucked with college stuffs.:)
    That was last last year in our school though but now the rules have changed. Everyone can take the NCAE.It was actually made for it.

    I'm having a bad time in math though but hopefully we can aced it. We can do it!
    Oh I see... Filipino subject eh? It's part of the college curriculum for taking Filipino as minor subject. I know how you feel. I had my pure Korean classmate this college and he's having a little hard time in understanding Filipino but I could see how he's coping up. Depending on the Profs. they could give you special exams,or sometimes they could give you activities in english..I'm not sure but it really depend on the profs. that's what my observation can see it. I know you can do it. It really really needs some practice though.. But you can speak and understand some little Filipino words..can't you?
    Oh I see.. Good luck with that NCAE exams! I just wished I have taken the NCAE exam back then when I was high school ( the school doesn't make me take the exam because of my parent's income, I'm not the only one though, we were 3 that have not taken the exam and back then, it was limited). I could have known the right course that best suits me.haha. Oh well.

    Well, my majors, Calclus and Analytical Chemistry is stabbing me in the heart very softly. I shouldn't have been less careless and study harder. Tsk. This always happened.
    Oh hey!!!!

    It's been that long huh?

    I haven't been here because of midterm exams. I'm having a hard time with my subjects. Hopefully I could pull it off. I'm stressing out like crazy but I still want to keep the positive side above all things. hehe.

    How have you been?
    Yeah, You're right. These day, it's alright for me not to own one maybe someday I would if I have my own money to buy oneXD

    Thank you!
    Going back to the University Tomorrow. Time really is fast..:)
    Yep, XD

    Cool. Haven't got any tech gadgets and stuffs.. even I want to play PSP but it is so not happening in my current situation! It's alright for me though, I rather prefer a phone with keys than touch screen. I was so slow in texting with touch screen!XD
    Yeah, it's probably costly and expensive but it's so cool to own one! But that still a good stuff.
    I'm glad the typhoon's over but it's still raining here, I hope it won't get worst. Is is raining in your place?

    Ah, I haven't got any present from family thoughXD A high school friend of mine gave us presents during our movie watching. It was surprising thoughXD We really got embarassed.. we didn't expected to have something from himXD We are so out of words that we can only say Thanks.. so many timesXD

    how about you?
    Woah, haven't noticed thatXD

    Sorry for my late reply, we got power interruptions here, because of the typhoon..
    Oh, I see, Photography seems nice as well,taking pictures with everyone seems fun.XD Cool, you seems like a DJ for a start.
    Yeah! That would be helpful.

    Cool! That's awesome. We don't have Christmas Party at our College Department still I've enjoy hanging out with my old classmatesXD Awesome! That seems fun and enjoying work:)
    Ah, ok:) Btw, Parol is a decoration, something your hang it up to somewhere. Mostly, it is a star shape thing.XD

    Exactly! At least you can have your entertainment while travelling so, keep your phone charge up is a good thing.

    What are you planning this Christmas?:)
    You used Nikon? Woah, that's awesome! I love the cinematic video there! I love the decorations as well:) You do know ''parol'' right?

    Yeah. That's the bad part of promos. You haven't got the right time to take those as an opportunity. Though, Bus is alright, what matter there is you got to go to the place you wanted to go:)
    Yeah.Me too! I love Christmas! You got the bonding from your family and friends..hear christmas musics and watch those flickering lights! Ah.. and feel the Christmas spirit..:0

    IKR? But you can get a promo in riding a plane but it got specific time and day to get one.. These promos were less expensive than the original price but timing is important.

    Sorry for my late reply. Still got classes and just finished the examsXD

    Ah I see..Yes, it's indeed far..and yes it will took half of the day or more by riding a car or bus.
    I see.. Google Translate did the trick though it sometimes translate the words literally making the real meaning a bit scrambledXD

    Yes I do:)
    Oh..I see..(so that's why you didn't understand it in the first place).:) I understand.XD
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