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  • Yeah, I have another Protean Froakie, but I actually didn't breed the Greninja I have. The only competitive Pokemon I've bred is a Tyranitar, the rest I traded for.
    Sorry, I've had a lot of work this weeks with final projects and stuff, can you do thursday night?
    Yeah, my wording could have been better.
    Still, I do encourage reading the rules in every version of ^ vs v. You never know when I might cheat.
    I'm not sure what you're talking about. There never was a 50 page tie rule. It's always been 150, and that's only if there are 5 or less regular posters. The other condition is if the score doesn't fluctuate beyond 250 +/- 10 for 50 consecutive pages.

    I hate ties and will only permit them under very specific conditions.
    If you're interested in previous versions of ^ vs v, they can all be found in the archived games subforum. In Ash vs. Red, Red won handily in the shortest ^ vs v version to date.

    Clones vs Originals was the longest ^ vs v version to date, and even though I ultimately lost, it was still fun to participate and got me hooked in ^ vs v.

    That said, if you enjoy having a life, I have one piece of friendly advice: RUN AWAY!
    ^ vs v is a major time sink.
    Tch. I'd never change that particular rule anyway. It would make ME too powerful and take away what little life I had left.
    Jack, in terms of wifi, your talking to a guy who is sitting with his laptop getting maybe 1.0Mbps.
    That said, I've got a very good data plan.

    Besides, if I'm running the show, who says the rules need to be fair? :p
    I know we're on opposite sides in ^ vs v, but that doesn't mean we can't be friends. Teams get shaken and stirred up between Rounds anyway so former enemies become allies, former allies become enemies, etc.

    *ahem* in any event, I'm Maniacal Engineer. I used to be into causing chaos and mischief, but then I saw the Light of Arceus and discovered that chaos was demonic. Welcome to bmgf, and the F&G forum! Make yourself at home.
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