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  • Yes indeed. It hasn't helped that I've had no blasted connection this past two weeks (More or less)
    Yo, long time no speak. Have you heard BOBBY ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo's glorious new theme song?
    haha also good references!

    And yes, RWBY is amazing (and yang really is the greatest, even if a lot of people like Blake too - as do I - (she's the catgirl). It's girls in skirts with giant guns. Simple, yet awesome.
    Thank you, actually that does help me decide how I'm going to deal with the next few battles. SO MANY BATTLES. I'm not used to writing so many in such a short space
    I don't think anyone's had a bad reaction to Jophiel and Pheiton yet. And here was me thinking that I'd never get away it
    I was sorely tempted to replace the roselia egg with swablu believe me. But the plot had already been written and planned, and I couldn't allow myself to make a major change like that on a whim
    There is a fair bit of London in my Goldenrod. I've conceived as a sort of blend between London and Osaka, though I was thinking of the Chicago when it came to the Goldenrod L. Bit late for the latter, by the way, the Hoenn Festival chapters are already written and published
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