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  • Besides Journies, why do you think AG had the lowest ratings dip from a previous series? I guess the obvious, "Misty leaving?"
    It's hard to say... After all, if you look at the actual ratings and not the ranking (宝可梦 超世代动画收视率列表 - 神奇宝贝百科,关于宝可梦的百科全书), you can see that the ratings for AG are still pretty high, although still lower than during Johto. I would basically attribute the ranking dip of AG to fierce competition and its status as the first series change for Pokemon. However, I don't know if Misty's departure had any effect on ratings.
    Yeah I would assume it was mostly because the initial fad of Pokemon as a whole died down around 2001-2002 by mid/late Johto, and by the time AG started most kids were in middle school and felt they "outgrew pokemon" and moved on. It's the same reason the Ruby/Sapphire games sold less than Gold/Silver. Still AG's ratings are generally higher than every following series though, so most of the original audience was still watching, besides also whatever new kids were getting into pokemon the first time back then.
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