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  • Oh hey, what's this?
    Hang on...
    Oh, nevermind, I thought it was something else, but it's just HAPPY BIRTHDAY JO!!!
    Will do...sometime this summer!

    Hopefully it'll be the same for me, and all the complaining came from a small vocal minority.

    And backed by Hulett. I'm not entirely sure why adoption came to mind first rather than her being married. Although some adopted children keep their birth parents last name in honor of them. Each case is different.

    And for the VM I missed, I never heard of the game until that video. Loved when you called Joseph. xD And when Trip said Frank taking the umbilical cord was bullshit. AND and "I was disconnected. From my mom." Nice ending too. xD
    Same thing Amazon told me. :s

    It took me between 8-10 for each game at least, damn. xD Ooo, I hope you'll share it with me once I finish the game. Or if you posted it on the wiki, link me to it. :3c

    People said that about Maria too. Not sure if they were complaining specifically about the harder difficulties, but I didn't have any problems on Normal.
    Though with Eileen, even if you're with her longer, doesn't she attack back?

    Noooooo Jo whyyyyyyy ;o; Murphy x Henry is love for crack, I'd take that over James x PH or Murphy x Sewell.
    Shit Anne was married? I figured the reason she had a different last name from Frank was because she was adopted. (But that came from Hulett, so my theory is sunk.) (Lol, it's all good, ship and let ship~ They should never come between fans and friends except when done jokingly. :3c)

    Yay I'm not imagining things~ Awesome addition!
    Based on general opinion and your recommendation I want to. :u

    I'm experiencing a mix of jealously and happiness with this. I remember you mentioning that you were interested in watching the series, but not playing it. Then you ended up playing it and I was so happy to have another SH fan to talk to. x3 But then you went and got those three games before me! >:U I know Wally's general story, but not the details. Except for the spoon.

    Damn you played through that quick. :eek: Which endings did you get? I might be sharing in those Henry x Eileen feels this summer.
    Gah, I'm horrible for forgetting Carol. While I do like Murphy x Anne, the stuff you mentioned holds true too. It's like, there was some stuff between Murphy and Anne throughout the game, but it can just as easily be seen as stuff two people who went through hell together would do because of their shared experiences in Silent Hill, and he still loves Carol, and asdgashk conflicting feels. ;;

    Was your profile theme always rain and I just didn't notice, or did you switch it to further complete your theme?
    I'm guessing some shit went down in Silent Hill to make him like that, but I'll just have to wait and see.

    It seems I haven't been getting the notifications that I received PMs, or I have and clicked on it without answering all of them. Either way, my apologies. orz

    dammit you have SH1, SH4, AND Origins I'm so jelly ;; Without giving away too many details, what made you change your mind about Walter? Something specific or his whole backstory in general?

    As for ships, Alex x Elle, Alex x Heather, and Murphy x Anne (and maybe Henry x Walter from fanart). Buuut still have yet to play all the games blah blah blah you know this already.
    Your ships? :3c
    That's what I heard too. :/ And I have yet to read Past Life, but it sounds interesting from the summary, especially being set in the 1800s.
    Woah wait what an Anne comic?! I have so many feels right now holy shit! Thanks for the link!
    Somehow I neglected seeing that earlier. It is also lovely. <3
    I cannot express how much I love your latest avy.

    I mean I could try, but it would mostly be made up with unintelligible squeeing.

    Link to full pic pl0x? :3c
    Which do you like better, UFO or DOG? I have AIM, but I haven't used it in years. :sweatlol: Skype works best for me.
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