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  • The whole voice acting thing. Switched from 4Kids to PUSA....people complained and shit, SOVA was formed, but nothing happened. Now one of the 4Kids VA is dead so I doubt SOVA has much ground to move on.
    How nice of you to lighten Santa's load. :p
    Is it a keyboard phone or a touch screen one?

    Also ~Happy New Year~
    Awesome! Thanks for sayin happy birthday and merry Christmas to you too!!! Yeah it is pretty cool. :yahoo:
    :thumbup: Nice dedication you have there. Sadly I'm only monolingual (not too hard to guess which language.) Took 4 years of Spanish in high school, but I forgot a decent amount of it. Also know a few random words/phrases in German and Japanese. (eg. "Guten Tag," "Sayonara," other phrases that frequently pop up in anime, etc.)
    It's not just his/her being nice, you definitely earn your 10/A. Do you know any other languages besides English and Finnish?
    Thanks =) Feeling a little better today.

    Seriously. Did you have to learn it in school or did you pick it up by yourself? Or maybe a mix of both?
    Other than having a cold I'm ok.

    If I didn't know you were from Finland I'd say English was your first language. You write it very well =) (better than other people I know who have it as their first language)
    Well, maybe not extremely popular. I just saw another person who had the same one. So...somewhat/mildly popular?
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