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  • The egg should contain either a Modest Ralts with random IVs, or a Zorua with a random nature and IVs.
    I've been working on your bulbasaur. Its been taking me longer than I thought because of the 12.5 gender ratio. I think I'll have your team done by the end of the week though.
    Yea totally, I'm sorry My computer is lagging. :/ I'll be getting a new one soon. I should have you eeve done by the end of tomorrow
    I'll be on in a minute. My brother is currently on our computer.

    As for M-Venasaur sets go for

    Venasaur@ Venasaurite
    Chlorophyll=> Thick Fat
    252 HP/252 Def/4 SpD

    Sludge Bomb
    Leech Seed
    Sleep Powder
    Gigs Drain
    A revenge killer is a pokemon that comes in after another pokemon faints and KOs the opponents pokemon. As for replacements you could try a m venasaur and see how it works. It actually might be pretty cool. I wouldn't recommend hyper voice sylveon as moon blast does plenty.
    Scarf gar is a revenge killer. The gar your running right now is a sweeping gar. If you want to make him into a revenge killer then we could do that, but it might be worth your time to keep focus sash.

    My family is buying a new car, so in awhile we should be good.
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