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  • Thank you! My Skype is Mal.[insert my last name here] (It starts with a "D").

    I'll add you right now.
    Don't worry; I'm in the same boat as you.

    I think I had your old Skype, but I have no idea if you got a new account.
    Would you like a perfect battle ready one or a female to breed? And don't worry about what to give me in return, it's a gift <3
    That I do. I can even get you one with jolly and perfect 5 ivs if you don't want to breed it yourself. It has the egg moves dragon dance, dragon pulse, and extreme speed. I'll call it whatever you like if you're interested. If you'd rather have something else, I can get you one to breed as well
    I've done that, don't fret.

    Now I'm going to go, since the pain is worsening again. I'll talk to you later, Wataru.
    It's fine, don't worry.

    That's nice to hear; mine was beyond fantastic (For reasons I shouldn't state on here).
    Well, at least you come back to visit. Good to hear that you're doing well; I'm content with life, at the moment.

    Thank you! I hope your Christmas was enjoyable also.
    Wataru! I thought I was never going to see you back on here.

    *Hugs* How's life been for you?
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