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  • Hello! Noticed your avatar/signature - is that Pokemon in the middle a Ponyta pre-evo?

    I haven't played Pokemon in so long, I'm out of the loop and don't know any of the newer additions.
    Thanks c: Sorry for the late reply tho..

    OW! That did hurt xD My line is Virizion>Terrakion>Keldeo>Cobalion :p
    I am online now o/ Tho I might not be around much.

    It was totally amazing! you should love Virizon too tho :eek:
    You didnt get it..? :eek: Nevermind. Anyways up to trade now?

    I do hope too :c Though my favorite is virizon, I love the look~ Why is Keldeo your fav?
    I am usually available at that time :eek: So I hope I can catch you today. Want a premier or a luxury ball? Or dive.. It fits Keldeo more *badum tss* xD
    Ah, silly me, I just remembered that the Run Away Buneary has pretty good IVs, at least three max, because I bred from it. lol And sorry I hit no, I forgot to give it a Moon Stone. I'm ready now though!
    Ah, crap... Looks like I released that Buneary without thinking. I don't have it anymore. Can I give you a different one? I still have a few with Limber, one more with Klutz, and another with Run Away. I don't know about their IVs though.
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