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  • Just to let you know, the new A Journey for Victory already has a first rewritten chapter. It's completely twisted from the other first chapter, though.
    Hey there! I don't kow if you remember but you are one of the latest reviewers of my fic, which is finally back on track, and I wonder whether you're willing to review PLX once again. I'll greatly appreaciate it if you do.
    About the crossover... well,ok. It's fine, I'll make the time thing appear earlier. Btw, which is your favorite regional bird?
    The details before this, you'll find them eventually in the story.

    Ann and Jim get to Ilex Forest because Drake takes them there, for Ann's birthday. Jim gets lost in the forest and ends up in a shrine where Celebi takes him to the future, to YOUR story. Unfortunately, the future was supossed eighty years, not five as the time would suggest. I really thought your story was waaaaaaay in the future, reason for which I thought of this crossover as well. Not to worry, I decided to change the reality and flow of time in the story. It'll work out perfectly. Also, after that, Jim meets future Ann and he discovers he's been killed by....
    So... you remember I wanted to do a crossover with your story some time ago? I actually got pissed off since you said it was 10 years after gen 4... although I actually know how to fix it. Btw, I'm nominating your fic for Best Future Fic.
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