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  • Haha yes, not so very fond memories of my senior year, prom was alright though.

    I'm in Law school, do you know where you're heading to after this year?
    I'm very well, but I appreciate that you've asked, I'm just getting used to college, but otherwise, I'm having a great time.

    And how about you?
    Sorry, I was over at my friends...I'll be on 3-9 weeknights this week (except today where I have to go in a half hour from now), and probably all of Saturday afternoon.
    I see you're in a different time zone than me, and we never seem to catch each other on. Why don't we set up a trade this weekend in advance? I'm available anytime Sunday from 12 noon to 9pm, or I'll be on from about 11am to 5pm Saturday, though Saturday is a bit shaky. I'm in EST, jsuk. I believe I'm about 18 hours behind you, judging by your local time.
    thanks for the trade earlier. I've been through what you gave and there's a relatively superior potential timburr and lillipup, both with great Attack IVs. That makes it all worthwhile for me. Thank you again and I hope the eggs turn out to be useful.
    Oh sorry its Nicknamed :( it was for another Egg move and DW order i made for someone... and that was the last left over.
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