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  • Yeah it was fun! Right now I'm memorizing my lines for the school play, haha. you?
    Gah, sorry I forgot to! Added you now! Would you happen to have a Skype or something by any chance? So I can message you for the battle more easily.

    Back in those days our phones weren't smart :p

    Ahahahah that's perfect XDD They were trying to conceal how horrible the test is with that catchy acronym! D:

    Alright alright, you are not evil xD
    Sorry for the really late reply >.< I was busy last week. But I'm free now! Next time I catch you online we can battle ^^

    A Nokia is one of the older phone brands, that people joke about being indestructible xD

    That's good! Being outside and getting some nice fresh air -w-

    Wow what a scientific name :eek: As far as I know, beep doesn't stand for anything. It's just named after the beeps you hear during each interval xD
    Mebbe you are lying to me D: Or mebbe not ;3
    Hey there, I am sorry for not replying to you about the request. I was a bit busy but I didn't forget, he will be ready for the weekend c:
    Sorry! I'm Drey, and I just got back from vacation. I went to the Philippines.
    That's true xD You are indestructible! Dx like a Nokia

    Oh! Why is it complicated? :eek:
    Added you too! Let's try to have our battle some time this week when we are both online :D

    It sounds weird too XD
    Are you sure you are sure? ;O
    Yay I will be looking forward to them >w<

    Don't think they are classy but they have some class I guess :p

    Btw if you are American, happy one day later July 4th :)
    Yay you are alive!
    No one says you have to check it every day :p
    Ohh true, I should do that! But first I need your FC for that xD Mine is: 1134-8042-2719 in case you haven't added me as well.

    Yup! Same thing with different names. Though "PACER" sounds better than "beep" imo xD
    Are you sure? :O
    Not really xD I don't know of many diferences between both american and british english anyways.

    You should send them this way c:<
    For being in the city ye xD
    I have no clue about the diference :/ English is complex and weird.
    Of course they do owo I mean they are animals too, I'd love to see some animals, and I love chicks (the little animals :eek:) they are so small and cute >w< ;__; You lucky..

    Like 6 cats XD
    ....!! That's a crime D: You haven't truly experienced the real awesomeness of soccer then :c
    Maybe xD We called them something different at my school. But just to make sure we are on the same page, could you describe this PACER test? :eek:
    Oh my, sounds like you are the one who does the hitting xD jk

    That works ^^ How about some time today or tomorrow?
    Yay! :D

    Aww soccer should never be played indoors imo :<
    Haha yeah, but I didn't mind the warmups that much. Especially if they helped prevent even more painful cramps xD The thing that I hated the most were the fitness tests, where they made us run for 12 minutes straight and do the "beep" tests >.>
    Agreed :D Except when someone hits you with the racket xD:

    What times are you usually available?
    Ok then. A forced conversation is an awkward conversation. If anything comes to mind, feel free to send it, until then, have a nice time~ ^_^
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