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  • Wassup dude! You like Touhous. I kinda know about Touhous. We should be bros. Hope there's not any animosity between us.
    Wow, forgive me for the way I went off on you. I should have saved it for a certain user by the name of Pretty Venomoth. You just got a little carried away expressing yourself, this guy is actively making an idiot out of himself and is probably a troll.
    Yeah, 4chan will do that to you. There are some good things that come out of that place, but there's a lot of BS to deal with. I mostly choose not to, but I tend to take things too personally, avoiding it is more for my sanity than anything else.
    No problem, I came off a bit harsh and even personal too, so sorry about that. It's not really my job to scold people about that anyway, that's the mods, I just often stick my nose in where it probably shouldn't be in an attempt to head off mods jumping in later and doing something annoying that no one likes, probably after everything has been resolved. You are entitled to your personal opinion the same as I am, and I respect that this recent change isn't something you are enthusiastic about. I would advise in the future that you just might want to phrase things a little differently. More like, "It's tough for me to accept something like a fairy type, so at this point, I don't think I'll be buying this one," rather than, "Fairy type is just too stupid, screw you Game Freak," type of tone. Just so everyone can get your feelings out without causing any misunderstanding. As far as I'm concerned we are totally cool, right now.
    I just never took the time to try and listen, I guess I'm more into straightforward Country. over all, the 90's were the last really great decade for it though.
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