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  • Sure. Mine is 2793-1314-2816 :) I will add you ASAP. Ifyou dont mind could you tell me what my safari is when I add you?
    Added, your Safari is Rock. The two Pokemon are Dwebble and Pupitar, the next time your online I'll check your safari for the Third.
    Ohhh, I see what you mean there. I went with the Synthesis ending, personally. Well, except for my first playthrough where I couldn't (because silly me didn't import a character all the way through), where I went with the Control ending instead.

    I didn't like how the devs seemed to favor her a lot. For starters, she's an Adept, which in ME1 was the most ridiculous thing ever. ME2's introduction for her acted like she was Shep's best friend no matter how much you conversed with her in the first game (I didn't talk with her at all, in any of my playthroughs). And she just seems too ... flawless? Pretty much all the other characters have some sort of glaring flaw (Garrus's revenge thing, Tali's fanatic hatred for the geth, Wrex acting rather cold and harsh in the first game), except for her. Plus she was the ONLY character who was vital to the story in the first game, and the ONLY character to get an entire DLC devoted to her in the second game. Javik doesn't count since his DLC introduced him; Liara had already been introduced well before the events of ME2. And then by ME3 she's little miss badass, a complete 180 from her starting personality? AND she's become one of the most powerful people in the galaxy? What?

    From what I've heard, ME4 isn't related to Commander Shepard's adventures at all. Where it fits in the timeline (or if it has its own) remains to be seen, however. I just hope this means no more Liara. xD
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