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  • Only if I win! >:D No, jk. We just have to remember to turn voice chat off. ;-; I'll be in in a sec', I'm choosing my Pokemon. No, but if I lose terribly, or you lose terribly, maybe don't post it... ;D
    Well, they have their strengths. I say they aren't EV trained, but I have the secret suspicion that they got trained behind my back, as weird as that sounds. I think they may've gotten EV trained unintentionally, which is the flipside of "aren't intentionally EV trained"... I could do okay. Is it safe to assume that you have a Dragonite, Garchomp, Tyranitar, Metagross, and Salamence?

    Okay, I'll accept you here, soon.
    O_O Gfy! I can't believe that you can't remember why you were in the hospital that long! It could be a good thing that you can't, though, as it probably couldn't've been very good if you were in that long.....
    Yes, and since you've been gone, I've accumulated over 3,000 posts, made over 25 more friends, changed my name [Darach -> Hikaru], and... *drumroll* GOT WI-FI!
    I guess there's nothing against future tense it's just that I'm mostly used to reading past tense so it'll be a little confusing for me but I know all the tenses
    Yeah, he was good too. And yeah, maybe at the very least Chthonian Emperoro Dragon, since that card came out right around his appearance =/
    A little unusual, but it seems to me that the producers had a muscle fetish or something, because there were a lot of characters that had larger muscles than they really probably should have.....

    And now if you look at 5D's, there aren't as many by far.
    It was rather random, him ending up in a desert in what seems to be Australia? And what was up with the muscle-bound Yugi? In the first episode, he looked athletically average =/
    Yeah. I like that he actually grew up for season 4. I hated the way he acted during the first three seasons. Season 4 was my favorite of them all too Dx
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