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  • Ack, sorry for missing your previous message.

    Yeah, I always thought that was weird since Charmander looked suited for Ash anyway, Fire motif and all. Although, didn't Gary's starter appear in a flashback during the Samurai episode? I think it was just a Squirtle with no reference to Gary, but still.
    Yeah... him finding about Lysandre... EPIC!! Also I feel like Alain coming into the MAIN Anime now, I think the Rollcall for Team Flare may Indeed come IMO.
    Yeah, either Ash will help make Alain more of an interesting character or if not, we're probably getting a battle between them eventually,
    (PLEASE be "A battle of the Charizards"), but it should still be interesting to see them interact since their personalities differ from one another.

    But man, even after giving Goodra the boot, XY rebounds by giving Ash another Dragon Type (DON'T GET RID OF THIS ONE EITHER, ANIME TEAM! :lol:), and then this and them meeting could also eventually lead to Ash encountering Lysandre.
    It seems like XY is gonna be great during the rest of its run.
    Well as you said, it's part Dragon Type, though so there's that. And for Rock Types, Ash has Frogadier, Noibat/Noivern if it gets any Dragon Type moves can also damage them to some extent along with Pikachu, and then there's most likely his inevitable Grass Types. We should have some interesting League battles to say the least.

    Also, there was this as well:
    Agreed, and Ash still had hilarious wisecracks.
    I still do, dub wise, Season 4 - Johto League Champions is almost pure filler, as you said some Johto fillers are pretty entertaining.

    In the end though, I think my ranking for OS' arcs are:
    Adventures in the Orange Islands > Johto League arc > Indigo League arc
    I almost want to say the Unova League was slightly better. At least there wasn't an idiotic ref that disqualified one of Ash's Pokémon just by falling asleep by Sleep Powder or whatever it was. SMH
    I think the battles started improving in Orange Islands as well.

    I prefer Orange Islands and late Johto myself, but I do agree that the humor is one of the Indigo League arc's saving graces. It was hilarious.
    Taking a quick look, I think it might run alright on my Mac. It has roughly equal specs with the reccomended specs list, anyway.

    Huh, that probably explains why they've been Japanese exclusive for a while. This also means that the games have a very large amount of depth too, if there's that much text needed to be translated anyway.
    That sound interesting, I like turn based JRPGs so it's likely that I'll enjoy this. One thing that's a little annoying is how the game is on the PS3 only in Japan, I would've liked to play it on that, but Mac will have to do. Is the game specs heavy, or will an average machine be able to run it decently?
    True, true.

    Yeah that makes sense, in March I was thinking of getting it, but decided that something else like Phoenix Wright Trilogy would be better. So what's The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky about?
    Well, isn't Smash Bros. a hybrid of the elements present in fighters and platformers though? I mean, it plays sort of like a 2.5D platformer when it comes to jumping and moving.

    Have you heard of Codename S.T.E.A.M? It's actually similar to Valkyria Chronicles, seeing how's it's an SPRG-Shooter hybrid. The artstyle is...interesting though, instead of being anime inspired, it's inspired from Silver Age comic books. It's on the 3DS, and it's got a demo if you want to try it out yourself.
    [ I'm decent with 3D platformers like Super Mario Galaxy, not sure about 2D ones though. Didn't know Tales of the Abyss had platformers elements though, if that's what you mean. ]
    [ It probably is, but my computer probably doesn't have the specs needed for most Steam games anyway, and I'm content with consoles. ]
    [ Nice find, I personally don't have a Steam account since my computer is a MacBook...and let's just say lag isn't a foreign concept for it. Got anything else from that sale? ]
    [ Yeah, couldn't manage to buy anything today since I got too busy. Ah well, more decision time. I don't think I'll ever be that good at Smash Bros. 3DS anyway, so I'll get Phoenix Wright. ]
    Same here, but I think she's gonna at least get 2nd or 4th place, tbh. Also some are speculating Yashio (the old lady) will have some influence in Serena leaving the group, which I think is very likely like how Dawn being a Poké-Stylist kept her in Sinnoh for a little while before she went to Hoenn.
    [ I'm guessing around Act IV, but they should be soon seeing how the previous episode in Japan went.

    Not exactly, I tried the game out on a whim from the App Store on iPad, because it was free and I heard good things about it. I'm debating whether to get the trilogy on 3DS or Smash Bros. 3DS. I have the demo for the latter, but I'm pretty...meh at controls. Only have $55 to spend on this sort of thing, so I'm pretty torn.]
    Yeah, if either of the two last long enough in the event, Ash VS Tierno would be great to see in general, IMO.

    Yeah, Serena's episodes have been quite good lately. I'm also interested in seeing how the rest of her arc goes as well, not to mention how the XY Quartet's separation will be handled.
    Well seeing as the Gym gaps are getting shorter, I really doubt it's gonna be this year, that would be way too fast, IMO.
    I just think XY will be 3 years like BW, only this time the anime team planned things out better to avoid horrible pacing in its final year.
    I think Gen VII games and anime wise will debut Fall 2016 to kick off the 20th anniversary with a new Generation of Pokémon, but that's just me.

    IKR? Or in general, a battle between those two would be awesome, and like Ash and Paul, their interactions would be interesting IMO seeing how their personalities are the complete opposite of each other. XY Ash being energetic and all, with Alain being mostly stoic and in a no-nonsense mood for the most part.
    Who knows, maybe the Team Flare arc is gonna be Episode N, but maybe with Alain in place of N, of course. That would be fine by me.

    That would be cool. We all know Tierno is in the League now, because in his return episode, he said he defeated Clembot and got the Voltage Badge.
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