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  • Hey, no worries. Sorry this is late, I haven't been on.

    So, okay, you see that picture of Starmie you posted? You see that part of her star that points directly at Misty? Now, you see the two stars on either side of it (one below it, one above it), that's the "Second star" it's referring to. Imagine taking two starfish and stacking them together, but turning one of them so that it appears like there's a "pointer" from every angle. That's essentially how Starmie is.
    It starts everyone off on the same day. It's not like, just because I'm a March baby, I get to graduate in May, while the rest of the kids born in 1988 have to wait until July.
    1996? What, the day he turned 10? He didn't turn 10 the day he left on his journey; all Trainers leave on their journey the next April afterward.
    EP001 aired in Japan on April 1, 1997.

    Ash was, according to the novelization, 10 years, 10 months, and 10 days old, EXACTLY, on the date he started his journey, which is said to have begun in April, just like the anime itself. Now of course, the 10 years thing puts Ash's birthday back in 1986 (10 months is close to a year, putting it back to June 1), and then 10 days before June 1 is May 22.
    Me either. But Tommy was definitely a legend amongst all rangers. Even though I didn't mind the cast change in the middle of Turbo, I was disappointed to see Tommy go. I bet if the original Zeo rangers and Zordon were around, the Power Chamber wouldn't have gotten destroyed.
    Yep! Tommy was epic! I saw all the first episodes where he became evil and they rescued him. I didn't see the other ones though. I need to. I've actually have a likeness to Astronema, she's so evil and I think the Dark Fortress is awesome too. :)
    Good to hear!!

    I've decided to see what it was like on the other side of the fence so for a while I've become Astronema. XD
    I appreciate it, but I was given permission to use it, so I can't exactly hand it out to you, nor tell you where to find it...

    Sorry ^^;
    Ok, here's the things:
    -I'm not an admin so I don't know anything about the programming in the site.
    -Why would you ask an employee of BULBAGARDEN why you can't get into POCKETMONSTERS? We're not a consortium; we're entirely different sites.
    -I have nothing to do with Bulbapedia.
    ShadowDeeps is my best friend, who happens to play the red zeo ranger. It's kinda ironic though because my name is Tommy so I'd be better playing the red ranger. XD
    I don't actually have them uploaded, I'll speak to my friend and see if he can send it to you since my highspeed isn't working right now. =(

    I'll do what I can though so you can see it. ^^
    That's awesome! The only ones I saw in Japanese was a few Zyuranger episodes. It's funny how different it is compared to the american version. I was a huge Power Ranger fan in the day and then I didn't watch them for the longest time until I got access to high speed internet and started downloading all the Zeo episodes. I have almost all the In Space episodes as well. It was a really crazy idea I had, but for the heck of it I created a Pokemon/Power Ranger merger video with me and my best friend as the gold ranger and the red ranger. I used footage from Pokemon 4Ever so we used the zords to destroy Celebi's grass monster. Of course King Mondo and Divatox had a hand in all this too. lol My friends enjoyed the episode so much that I started doing a few more. XD
    I like the picture with all the red rangers. That looks so cool. The only red ranger I can remember is Jason and Adem(I think.)
    Oh! Shaman King fan, eh?!

    I like that anime, too. =D It's pretty cool^^
    lol, I buddied you. xD But I don't recall knowing you at all 0-o; lol..
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