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  • I'm Sorry About this whole thing getting messed up... I have a B-ball game on thursday, but I will be on tomorrow around 6:45 CST to 7:30.
    I haven't been on since last week, so I'm still catching up on things... Thanks for understanding! :)
    That's great! I have him right here! I'm free today! What is your time zone? I'm in CST, if that helps. Right now, it's 2:49, my time.
    Oh, sorry, but I don't have one with moxie... Super sorry, bunt do you want it to be lv 50, still? And are you still interested? Sorry about the delay, but If your still interested, please VM/PM me, if your still interested!
    So sorry about that!
    I'm still interested, are you available saturday? I'm not too sure if I'll be on much for the next 2 day's. I'll give you a fee heracross if you don't already have one, but I don't believe it will have excellent stats. It sould be somewhere close to lv.50
    That puts me in the next round (you would've gone through had you won the match), so you might want to post that in the tournament thread
    Yeah, I'm also free during those times, but I'm most active during the night.
    Well, I didn't look at the usage stats, but that was the feeling back then
    In any case, good luck further :D
    It is good, but it's not used as much in XY, Heatran usually serves as a defensive SR setter
    The reason (well, one of them, at least) it's not seen that often is Rotom-W, which is still common, although no longer used in 70% matches as was the case a couple of months ago, which usually runs SpDef and conveniently happens to resist both of its STABs
    It's been so long since the last time I saw one that I forgot that was a thing, and as a result built a team that gets shat on by it XD

    Good game, and good luck with future matches :)
    All hail me, for I have returned home
    Which means that the battle will finally happen :D
    I am, and there never was a way in heaven that the situation would change, as I have a flight home on 17th (European 17th, I am on a study-related trip to Kaliningrad) and do not have the Internet to battle on 3DS or hardware to battle on Showdown before that
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