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  • Such a sad defensive typing on a decent Pokemon. At least Spiritomb has the bulk to come up short at times but still get you through the battles like Rotom-W does.
    Just be careful with that Earthquake from his Gogoat. I think my Delphox had a close call because he managed to dodge it somehow. The good thing is that your Whimsicott can stomach anything Gogoat throws at it.
    At least this is story battling, so they'll come through for you one way or another. Though any Water Type starter would do.
    A bit strange to want that right when you're about to face a Grass-type gym leader in a twoish minute battle, no? Hopefully you get a something like a Lombre with a good movepool. Luckily you managed to keep that Spiritomb and Charmeleon, too.
    Oh, no problem! Thanks for the Piplup! Are you the one doing the Wonderlocke in honor of Satoru Iwata?
    Oh dang. I am so nervous to fight wattson. I have 3 water type pokemon on my team. My only chance is quilava, spiritomb, and tyrunt. Also that sucks about your wonderlocke. I get crappy mons sometimes as well. My best one is a shellos i recieved today which has a modest nature and looks like 6ivs.
    Yeah. I do think spiritomb is a nice grab for my team or in a wonderlock in general. I mean he only has 1 weakness and cyndaquil can take on them fairy types.
    Yeah. Its like hey i see that you captured a weedle. Since you sucessfully captured it i am going to give you a 100 experience. Like thats just ridiculous. As long as spiritomb is alive i won't have trouble against tate and liza.
    I hate oras gyms. Because the 7th gym uses level 45 and then the 8th gym ace is 46. And it is almost impossible to not at least gain 2 levels between them. Especially since almost everything gives you experience now. So after the 7th gym i am going to use the lowest level e4 mon.
    I remember those Furfrous. I was doing an egglocke and i lost the moss essential mon to them. it was a Deino. Deino literally covered all the weaknesses my team had and those furfrous took it out. Rip Deina the Deino.
    Also if your opponent could set up on dunsparce and cause trouble for your team. (Maybe if we both fail wanna do a soul link wonderlocke?)
    yeah. Also i wanna share this with you: \(^-^)/HESTIA DANCE\(^-^)/

    Unless the mon has egg moves lol. I just hope that froakie can pull through. Otherwise i will have to rely on mantine lol.
    Hey Retasu. My wonderlocke is going fine. It is really hard in ORAS to not overlevel The gap between the start and first gym was kind of long. Especially since you gain experience from catching pokemon. I just hope i get a fighting type from wonder trade. Froakie is way to frail right now.
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