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  • it's ok, as long as it can go through GTS, it should be able to be placed in the bank and transferred to the next game, so that's my big thing. Trying to keep the Living dex as legal as possible so I don't have to recatch everything next time is all.
    Ok, hopefully we'll run into each other. I'll be online for the next couple hours.
    Sorry about tonight, forgot I was going to the movies. Let me know a good time tomorrow night and I'll be ready.
    I have both items available and can trade anytime after 6pm M-F this week (or Sat/Sun in the afternoon). As for abilities/gender, Friend Guard would be great, but Compound Eyes would be my second choice. I'm not too picky on gender. Let me know when you're available to trade. Thanks.
    I can do the ball change, I don't know about curing Pokerus I never did that before.
    Oh haha no worries, that happens sometimes. Thanks for the shiny and good luck with the Vivillon collection!
    Can you add my friend code and tell me which type and which Pokemon I represent in my friend safari ?? It's 4871 4643 0517
    I'm jealous. I never get a break from classes. D;

    That's cool, I haven't been watching but soccer is the only sport I understand. xD
    Oh so your a soccer fan?

    And pretty good, I'm working on a trade shop finally and aside from that I just have school.
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