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  • Thank you, nice to know someone likes my thoughts and views about this anime. I noticed we share same sentiment about several things actually going in pokemon which took direction for worse as far as im concerned.

    Im planning to respiond to your post in that thread, but im currently crowded with work so thatll have to wait for few days.:)
    Hey dude, sorry for the late reply xD Yeahhh, I have to say, the past few years I've come to love the games so much more than the Animé (especially the way it's going now, it's all over the place) lol. Also, yeah I've always wanted to enter but I always forget when to register and how to go about it xD My friend came 3rd in the Regionals for the UK last year I think it was (I used to attend TCG tournaments with him in London haha, and he'd ALWAYS beat me!) so it was a great thing to keep going back like a rivalry xD How've you been? We should battle some time!
    Naw , I just off about he shouting about Pokemon Anime only exist for selling doll and writer are innocent .
    I simply come up with better answer so I gave that to him .
    Beyblade , Yugioh , Scan to go , Duel Master and almost all other popular Kids anime sell merchandise but that doesn't meant they murder their own series for it.
    Yeah, I watch Best Wishes online xD Can't keep up with UK tv... They air random episodes all over the place? They have no continuity care for Pokémon over here. I just recently finished watching the latest episode last night, beginning of the Pokémon League... have to say Best Wishes is making up for what it didn't do much of these last 2 years... I'm excited for Episode N though! and Mewtwo!
    And yeah, at the moment, I'm currently in Black Tower on B2... Taking my time with this game... I tend to complete new games within 3 days of purchasing them, and it's becoming a habit so I'm taking my time on this haha, so I enjoy it more. What about you?
    I agree haha, and in all honesty, I haven't been attached to Best Wishes really at all... I mean of course, I still watch the new episode every week (skipping most fillers of course, the Best Wishes fillers are just as bad as the Johto ones lol... The same old story construction sort of thing). I gained respect for Best Wishes when older Pokémon started to appear again... Unova Pokémon haven't really had a dramatic effect on me liking them like the other generations... I don't know why, I guess it's a variety of things xD Like for example, the only Pokémon from 5th Gen I've EV'd is Virizion, because it is Godly haha, otherwise... I'm not attached to any 5th Gen pokes xD What about you? xD
    Haha that's no prob, and I don't know... I sort of have mixed feelings because I don't know it's type yet xD Like I love it's design a lot, but it's eyes put me off xD haha it looks like it's possessed by a Yanmega lol, but I'm hoping the type is Dragon... but literally no one can make a sure guess because it's colours don't give away any info either xD I'm sooo excited for Mewtwo's return in Extremespeed Genesect though! When Ash in the Trailer is like "...Mewtwo?" I was like "Omg, my childhood has been revived and I'm happy again" haha, what do you think? xD
    D: Ahh that's not good, and yeah I've been checking sites like all day xD I want more info... but then I feel I can wait since it's not til October D:
    Come pop by my page and comment on my blog. all nighter poke rama discussion , ask questions or answer questions or tell stories.
    You're welcome. I had a feeling that it was a loading issue, so it's okay. I just wanted to let you know what you had one less post.
    Just wanted to let you know that your last post was deleted since it was an accidental double post.
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