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  • Sorry I haven't been on either. Been busy as well. If it's not too much trouble, could you RNG two Pokemon for me? A shiny Minun & Plusle, both male and Timid? I'll still trade you the Celibi you wanted. :]
    I usually check in early afternoon - early evening, Central time. I can be on at most times though.
    I'm sorry, I guess I missed you. Road trips always take longer than expected. I'm back now though and should be able to meet anytime that works for you. Just let me know :)
    I should be home by then, I'll check online when I get in. If I miss you though, I'll be able to meet anytime after that that is good for you.
    LOL, Actually I can trade today and tomorrow but will be away from my wifi from Mon - Fri afternoon. I hope thats not going to be too long a wait.
    I'll be on and off through out today, if you vm me time, I'll try to meet you. If not, I'll just try to catch you :)
    kk, I am just helping somebody send their lucario over to hg, but after that, I will register you, and go online
    My computer class is almost over, I need to go to next period and I won't be able to get on until I get home, will you be on about and a half hours?
    That's perfectly fine. Say, do you have any spare eggs that you don't want? I'm going to get a random egg thread started soon and I need as many as possible as soon as possible.
    Fissue sounds good, I like it. You'll be getting a free TM by the way, I feel like that last Starly felt left out since it wasn't holding an item.
    Meet you in wifi :)
    Haha, no problemo, glad to help out :) I used to find myself in the same situation too.
    If you don't mind me asking, what Pokemon is the second shiny? (Going to think up a nickname for it)
    Alrighty, give me a couple minutes to switch to my Platinum, I'm currently battling some rockets at the radio tower in my SS.
    I'll give you all the TMs if you'd like, I have tons of each. :p
    (Go catch 5 bidoofs and I'll meet you in wifi)
    That's cool. I've been really busy too, not much time to play. Here is my link:http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/album.php?albumid=665 It's actually on my profile page under albums - the one with the shiny eevee called "shiny pokemon I need", real covert, huh :-) Just let me know when you're done and when a good time for is and I'll try to be on.
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