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  • I am not depressed (allot) Anymore, I am very lonely however, i stay home 34 days out of 42. Soooo yeah......... I do have friends but... I don't trust pple allot anymore.... I blame someone else but... its my fault for trusting them, anyways, I live with my parents yeah.
    I didn't want to get into any long correspondences here. I'll accept any friend request I get, but I'm mostly on these forums just to read posts. Serebii is my main posting place.
    I've been to France, Ireland, Mexico and Canada. It's pretty standard for someone who lives in the US haha
    Oh nooo, it's quite far away for me :p My mom has been to Japan and Thailand though. The farthest East I've been is France
    I went to South Carolina, and I'm visiting one the great lakes tomorrow. Yourself? (I probably won't know where any of the locations are :p )
    But actually the word Gymnasium has nothing to do with the word gym, maybe that's the mistake they made :D
    We don't have a gym in our school, I don't know if there are some gymnasiums with gyms in it :D
    It's a so-calles "Gymnasium", you go to an elementary school for four years and then you can go to the "Hauptschule", you graduate after six more years and you have the lowest graduation, you can go to the "Realschule", where you get a good graduation after six years and the "Gymnasium", where you get the "Abitur" after eight years and which is the highest graduation in the german school system. If you want to get the Abitur and you're not on a gymnasium, you can go to one if your graduation is good enough and you can make the Abitur in three years.

    What's the vietnamese school system?
    It's the school I've visited since I'm ten years old, but it's my last year ^^
    I'm just enjoying my last free day, school's starting tomorrow, and what about you?
    loved Amsterdam. I saw the sites around the city, brought souvenirs, eat in the restaurants and coffee shops. A nice place.
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