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  • Hi. ^^ Out of curiosity, do you have an account on MU?
    MU? What's that? :p (If I'm asking... you know the rest. Usually.)
    It's a forum for mafia games. I was asking because you posted about hosting a game on another site right after I mentioned a game there. :p (I'm... not sure what you mean, actually ^^;)
    I know that Korea isn't exactly a big country, but we at least have a number of cities xD
    Did you try the lessons? I'm sure they have those for the beginners.
    I know that feeling, snow melting into the shoes x(

    Yeah, I don't think we have ski resorts that limit the number of people inside.

    Nothing like video games to cure boredom xD
    Skiing is fun :eek: I just don't like how crowded ski resorts are here.

    How did the skiing go? :p
    That's what winter is :p
    I haven't been to Kangwondo for a while but I imagine it's much colder than here in Seoul. It's a bit warmer at this end.

    Have fun! Be careful not to bump into people because we don't have that nice rule of limiting the number of people in the ski resort.
    Really? That wasn't even a guess. I thought you would be in Seoul or Busan, or some other city.

    How's the trip so far?
    I saw your Tweets xD
    Last week was worst xD Last week we had 12 degree below Celsius in Seoul. I'm sure it's much colder in Kangwondo and the southern areas, near the mountain ranges.

    What's the occasion? :p
    No, you don't need to, but you can briefly comment on them since they are related. Just remember that Eevee is the main focus.

    With that in mind, are you OK with what you have written so far?
    I am progressing with my Normal-type reviews now, and I decided to go by family like you said (but the main reason is that there are too many Normal-types that families are the way to go). Since you asked for Eevee, could you please provide your opinion?
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