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    Hey there, how are you? Haven't heard from you in a long time. :)
    Thank ya! :D Here's the full picture if you wanted to see it. Lots of lovely fanarts from this artist.
    Only 2-3 months to go!

    I like the look of this fellow:
    Also related.

    And thank you again Sam. ^^
    3 jobs good FTT when does the man sleep

    Will you be eating dry wall in it? (Just noticed that in your About Me section.)
    I don't have much to say either. Or rather anything with much substance, haha. xD Post about it, post to your heart's content! I haven't been paying close attention to it but in theory it sounds pretty neat, and a good marketing strategy.

    I saw that, looking good! :D Will you be posting your photoshoot pictures in there or in the Wash too?

    Fruit smoothie with tofu added for some protein, yum. :9
    Busy with life and such?

    ...And more photoshoots!
    Maybe Dom or Markers have accounts on RT and they can relay it for us. because 2lazy2signup myself
    All the better for our fruit salads and/or fruit smoothies! :cheers:

    Oh god
    So this is only like a month late whoops

    He overslept again? (Not sure if this is at a different time from your previous VM.)

    I can get behind this. :thumbup:

    It's okay Oaky, we're both hanging out with the Torkoal lagging at the end of this metaphorical race. qwq (But hopefully being slow and steady will bear fruit. Hopefully apples and raspberries. :9)

    What job? Car salesman?
    Yep, life can be busy, but that's life. Bah indeed. Couldn't we all Dx GOOD

    It has 87 in the name. Huh, interesting. I should make multiple accounts myself xD

    Ah, ok. Yes, you should xD I think you can get your info from the website.
    Did it all work out? :eek:

    Good luck with that. All I got down so far is the spinning. everyone is 2fast4me @.@

    23 now. (And we're not even getting into child stars, that's even more disheartening)

    That's just Nora's perspective though, right? Ren could still be bi and it could still be addressed within the relationship. (Even though it probably won't due to time constraints and all of JNPR's development screentime going to Jaune.)

    I wouldn't be able to survive on a primarily commission-based salary. :dead: Even with the motivation to sell there I'd still be shit at it.
    I think you'd do well. I'm not a photographer or anything but you looked really good in those shots, natural and confident.
    How goes work for you now?

    Sneaking off? You should've dragged people along and done one big group singalong. :p

    No, just on the cast afaik. Her RT wiki page says she has a degree in journalism and that she's a photographer and a writer.
    [sub]It also reminds me that she's roughly two years older than me and is already so accomplished. qq[/sub]

    I don't think it's selfish to want to see people you can relate to in shows you like.
    rwby writers pls reveal someone on the main cast as non-straight, not just a random couple in the background

    For the most part he's still the same. ^^ Only now like all the other assistant managers he's pushing us for more warranties and credit card sales.
    ...really what am I supposed to offer it on in my department? The cans of Pringles? Jars of (disgusting :B) hot brussel sprouts?
    [sub]The idea is that if I walk people over to another department for a product and it's eligible for a warranty I should offer it and a credit card.
    If I see people walking through my department with expensive items I should do the same thing. I hate badgering people though so I never do. :B
    Even if I did though I don't know how I would get "credit" for it unless I go up to the registers to check the person out. I could put my employee number on the warranty brochure, but then the cashier would probably still take credit for it. (And I don't blame them because they get hounded the most about this stuff.) There's like "half-credit" I suppose but the company probably doesn't give two shits about who was the one to first suggest the sale, only the one who actually brings it in.
    tl;dr but this money-grubbing shit is so comical and frustrating to me lol, just let me do my job to stock the product instead of bugging me with this bs[/sub]
    Oaks you need to quit your current job and take up modeling you'd be a hit.

    that joke sucked give me Team RWBY over Team CRDL you guys qq

    Sorry if that came off as me taking a dig at you, that comment was aimed at the animators. xD;
    [sub]Step 1: Bring Arryn on board the writing team
    Step 2: Queenby makes Bumbleby canon
    Step 3: ???
    Step 4: Profit![/sub]

    I want Ice Flower/White Rose/Bloody Snow/whateveryouwannacallit to happen too for multiple reasons (with one of those reasons being they just look so darn cute together. x3)
    But if Ruby is aroace I wouldn't mind either because aroaces need reps too
    [sub]I just don't want a repeat of NeptuneWeiss to happen with her.[/sub]

    Nearly 5 years. (waaaaay too long lol)
    Today! :D I'm not sure when he takes over for our current one since they're supposed to overlap for a bit but for the foreseeable future he'll be our manager.
    It's ok! Thanks!
    Take some to rest, and feel free to reply whenever you are refreshed and chipper.
    Are you all fine?
    I am more than that, since I scored higher than I expected.
    's all good, Oaks. I usually figure you're busy with work, friends, family, modeling shirts, or concerts, as you noted later in your VM.

    Very forgettable and painful to watch because the writers make them (well mostly Cardin) into a super cartoony version of a bully. e.e

    It's like... just a line, lol.
    Whelp that's better than nothing at all this year. :D
    [sub]If they didn't bring Arryn on as a writer they should I think she has a background in it outside of RT.[/sub]

    Lame how?

    Perhaps they are. xD

    It's gonna pick up at work a bit since an old favorite assistant manager is coming back to be manager after 3 years. :D Hopefully he hasn't changed to much in that time.
    They have some catchy ditties on there.
    Of all the shows the nephew could be obsessed with, this one isn't too bad.

    Cardin's is CRDL (Cardinal) and SSSN is a really reaching version of "Sun."

    Yer too good to me. ;w;
    Other than her awkward boob window cleavage I like her design too. xD

    let's just have a cast orgy, everyone wins that way
    Aro = aromantic and ace = asexual

    But that's what makes Oaks Oaks!!

    Nah it's Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2,
    but with a smiley face drawn on him. (Although with the way I cropped it it looks like he's happy about abs.)
    I can see a resemblance to the Entombed Risen though.
    Oh wow, I didn't know there was even more history beyond its usage on BMGf, I thought you just picked the name out at random. This makes it even better. xD

    You have such a colorful history, Sam. xD And I enjoyed the response. :p
    Also, I'm now reminded how RuPaul was on one of the latest episodes of Bubble Guppies voicing a snail.

    I'm guessing he's in his 40s, but he could still look like a KPop star.
    Only the RWBY staff knows the glory of his visage. We can only hope they share it with us soon.
    Team SSSN is the fanservice team.
    [sub]Just seeing Sage and Scarlet is fanservice at this point. T~T[/sub]

    Petition to make me a RWBY writer so we can make this happen, Oaks!!
    [sub]would literally write nothing but fluffy character interactions when there's probably only time for 2 or 3 of those scenes to actually play out on screen lol
    Or maybe backstories. I'm interested in how Emerald and Mercury got involved with Cinder, especially since the first time we see them interact with her Emerald goes in for a hug (but is rejected in favor of a scolding of Roman :bheart:)[/sub]

    I'm up for Bumbleby or Blacksun/Eclipse or... whatever the name is for Blake/Sun/Yang. Or or Tauradonna, if presented well. (Right now I see Adam as Blake's partner/brother/mentor figure who's a part of her past that she needs to accept and let go of, and Sun and Yang help her do that.) But dear sweet FTT White Rose needs to happen. @.@ [sub]Or not, if Ruby turns out to be aroace. I've seen that reading of her floating around and it makes sense.
    But definitely BFFLs at least. ヽ(´∇`)人(`Д´)ノ [/sub]

    Sometime in September or October, iirc. (And that's a different way of putting it. xD)
    Yes yes, the joys of having kids without actually having kids. :D
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