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  • I have so many writing projects I'd like to start, but I can't overwork myself, so I'm thinking about doing three at a time...
    My current icon was a commission done by @/chibiratsu (not a member here). Their name (my oc) is Garrán. of them with a proper mohawk bc I myself just can't do that.
    Why is there a cloudflare message when I try to access the site?
    We've recently been getting an extreme number of bots crawling the site, to the point it was making the forums slow down to a halt and outright crash for a lot of people today. So we've turned on what is basically Cloudflare's DDoS mode as a temporary stopgap to keep the forums up and running while tech sorts out the issue.

    All it does is add an extra layer of security by filtering out potentially malicious traffic; it should be gone as soon as the bot problem is resolved. If you have any trouble accessing the forums because of it though, let us know.
    Why isn't there a setting to turn off gifs? It's make browsing the forums easier...
    I am thinking of posting my fanfiction here. But, it's a Genshin Impact Au that's full of the narrator never calling the canon characters by name, so people will have to use detective work.

    I also don't know if I should rate it teen or mature.
    Non Pokémon fanfiction is allowed on Bulbagarden! If you have any other questions about things like ratings, don't hesitate to reach out to me or one of the other Writer's Workshop mods.
    I really need to actually write out real about me for my profile but I'm lazy and don't know what to say about myself besides "here's my name, here's my pronouns and what I like"

    Man, if it were 2018, I'd be able to write like seventeen paragraphs about myself. I can no longer think of what to say about myself other than that I'm a person and I like this and that, lol.
    ....You can't go back to a past name? >__> I'd PM an admin if you ever wanna go back to Palamon.

    buuuuut actually its up to you -w-
    Hey Pala. :p

    Lol, it really should be higher for the amount of time I spent here. I actually don't know how it got so high, considering I hang around Fun & Games...If those posts counted I'd probably have 10,000+.

    You're the posting queen, whatcha doin' askin' me for help? xD
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