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  • If you have an account on Discord, would you like to be invited to the Discord channel of The War Room?
    Awesome! Keep up the good work! I've been swamped with things, but I'm definitely enjoying where I'm at in life.
    What's up, dude?
    I feel like I've been living life without brakes for the last couple of years. I've been doing great, and I hope you have as well!
    Hey! I'm still alive, glad to see you are too! I'd love to hear how you are doing but I only check bulba once in a blue moon nowadays (and I assume you do too), do you possibly have like a twitter or discord where we could catch up?
    Yay!! I've been so caught up with life that I don't use any social media. I'll look into creating something so we can chat.
    Ah that's ok, I barely use bulba anymore either so I'm also kinda slow to reply. I'm doing pretty well, I actually got my master degree a few weeks back! So that's pretty good haha. How are you?
    Happy birthday! Skype notified me of your birthday but you're never on there anymore so I'll just say it through here haha.
    Hmm,I think it was on someone's blog asking for any recommended anime. Higurashi is one of my Top Five, so I noticed fast. =D
    You are going to receive a friend request from me for the sole fact that you show a passion for Higurashi.
    I see that you are back, nice! How is it going?

    Happy birthday for a few days earlier btw.
    Oh economics is pretty cool. I'd imagine it's very difficult too though. You could always do psychology as minor couldn't you? I don't know much about psychology besides that it's one of the few majors here that has every exam all multiple choice haha.
    Oh wow that's really long. So you're in second year of that then? Do you already have a major picked or? (and if not any idea to what you're gonna pick?)

    Oh that's too bad. I spend way too much time on there haha. I've been less active on bulba too so I've been trying to follow most of my friends from here on there.
    Oh what year would that be? I'm not familiar with that term sorry. ^^" I don't know if it's different there but here you get a bachelor degree after passing three years of university (then there's master degree the year after that). It's true most people my age would be in their second year though, I've always been the youngest in my class haha.

    Unrelated, do you happen to have a tumblr by any chance?
    Oh that's good to hear! I've been doing allright myself I guess. If everything goes ok I should earn my bachelors degree in history this year. I got a pretty cool job last semester too but my contract expired and they didn't rehire me and that's basically everything interesting that has happened to me in a year haha.
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